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In this tutorial, we view how to work with columns in your email signature using Bybrand’s email signature editor.

With columns, you can make logical divisions of content, such as this signature that displays a fictional support team’s help content. But it is not limited to just that.

Signature support team
Email signature example with columns

Adding new columns

See, in this example, how to add columns to the content part of your email signature. Initially, is created an unstyled column, which you can customize as in the video example at the end.

Note: The maximum number of columns is four.

Adding columns in the email signature

Next, you can customize the content by applying colors, borders, and alignment.

A good idea is also to use columns to highlight a phone, or to divide a content logically. In this example, two columns added to the email signature header, with profile photo and name.

Video tutorial

In the video, you can see how to add columns and customize them with color.

Updated on 1 de December de 2020

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