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How to create an email signature from scratch

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This tutorial will show you all the steps to create an HTML email signature from scratch using the Bybrand editor. Create from scratch is an advanced method that allows you to create your own template.

In the end, see a video tutorial with all steps.

When you click the button to create a new email signature, you can see a menu option for Create from scratch.

Here is an example:

Menu create from scratch

After the click, you will be redirected to the templates page. There are three options based on the preferred email client:

  • 600px
  • 480px
  • 320px

You must choose the fixed size of the email signature you want to start. The width value cannot be modified later.

Templates create from scratch

In our example, to start creating a new email signature from scratch, I’ll click on the 600px wide template.

Creating an email signature from scratch

Note that the email signature is loaded without personal data. Then, you must add the fields you want using the Bybrand editor. For example, a title line, text, or table.

Here is an example:

Options of the Bybrand editor

You can add new options in the email signature area by clicking on the editor’s (+) button. And then complete the information with personal data.

Here’s a quick example of adding a title field:

Example adding a title line

See another example adding a table:

Example adding a HTML table element

HTML table

Tables are very useful for you to divide the elements. For example, add logo area, company information, and social icons. This way, you will build your email signature from scratch.

There are seven types of tables with columns.

HTML table options of the Bybrand editor

In our example above, if you click on the column with 2/8, you will create a new table with two columns, one with 20% and the other with 80% width.

Here you can see the final result of our example of an email signature created from scratch. You can see that the area with the company logo is an HTML table with three columns (1/3).

The other fields are normal lines.

Final result of the email signature created

We encourage you to watch the video below for a complete understanding of how to Create from scratch works.

Video tutorial

We have a step-by-step video of all the steps above to complete this tutorial.

First email signature from scratch

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Updated on 21 de September de 2022

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