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Avoid changing the text by the link inside the email signature

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You might have noticed that some email clients change phone numbers and email addresses to links, which leads to a new message or opening a Google Chat call.

This is very common with Google Mail, but it looks like Outlook.com is also using this feature.

A complete video tutorial can be seen at the end.

This is a standard-setting in email clients, nothing related to your email signature. To fix it, you must set the signature link manually. Subsequently, add their color.

For example:

  • If you enter a telephone number, add a link with the option tel:(your number here)
  • If you have an address in your signature, add a Google Maps link;
  • You add an email address, add a mailto:(your email address here) link;

In short, you’ll paste the email signature into the email client, with the link already set up. With that, the platform won’t make any changes.

To insert a custom color into a link, you must select all the text. See this animation with a quick example below.

Note that in the example, I’m selecting the full phone text.

Video tutorial

Watch a complete video showing how to prevent a text-to-link change in some email clients.

Read more details of how to add a telephone link into your email signature:

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Updated on 29 de May de 2024

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