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Adding a call-to-phone link

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Many of you may have already noticed that Gmail changes the phone number in a clickable link, regardless of your opinion. This can also happen with iOS and other email clients.

You can add a link directly to a call-to-phone link and prevent automatic activation, with the ability to customize the text as well.

You can skip to a video at the end of this article that explains all the steps we’ll take.

First, select the text where you’d like to add the link to. Subsequently, an menu will open. Next, click on the “Add a link” icon, as you can see below:

To insert a custom color into a link, you must select all the text.

Add phone link in email signature

The second step is to add the link with the “tel:(your number here)” code.

If your number is similar to +55 (11) 4444-2222, you should add “tel:551144442222”, removing all spaces and special characters.

Here’s an example.

Phone in email signature

Click add, save, and send a test email message.


  • It’s possible to add a phone link to icons;
  • If you are using Google Mail, Hangouts phone calls will open;
  • This works for Gmail and modern email clients. We imagine that this feature does not work with any of Microsoft Outlook’s versions.

Preventing text color change in Gmail

To prevent Gmail and many other email clients from changing the link’s color in your email signature, you’ll need to choose a standard color for the signature right after adding the link.

Here’s a complete video showing all the steps. Please note that the end color was changed to Black. This prevents Gmail from changing the color of the link to Blue.

All done! If you still have any questions, please write us a comment or get in touch with our support team.

Updated on 26 de September de 2023

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