What’s new in Bybrand? Q4-2023

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We are excited to share the latest updates and exciting features that have been added to Bybrand during the fourth quarter of 2023. In this update, we bring several improvements and innovations to further enhance the experience in email signature management.

In summary:

  • It is now possible to add a new element by clicking on the main cell in the email signature editor.
  • Enhancement in the bulk send instructions feature.
  • New signature template category – Text-only.
  • New method of creating email signatures that converts plain text to editable HTML.
  • Global quick changes to facilitate signature customization.
  • New language added: French.
  • Addition of new X icons (Twitter) in the image gallery.

Continue reading to learn more details and make the most of the new features!

Adding a new element by clicking on the main cell of the signature

Now it is possible to add a new element when clicking on the main cell, and the new item is added at the end. This is useful for adding a line below a logo image, for example.

New: Adding new elements when clicking on the main cell

New UI for the bulk-send instructions in department

We have significantly improved the user interface for the bulk-send instructions feature for employees on how to paste the email signature. Now you have the option to disable the most frequent tutorial links, and brand customization has become more visible.

Here is a preview:

New UI for the bulk-send instructions in department

Or watch this complete video tutorial demonstrating the new options.

New signature template category – Text-only

Now, when creating your email signature, you have a new option: the Text-only signature template category. This simplified version focuses on providing only the most necessary details, such as your name, position, company, contact number, and links.

New signature template category.

This type of signature is great because it is based on text, so it can be seen correctly in all email clients, devices, and platforms. You don’t have to worry about images not loading or formatting issues that sometimes occur with more complex signature designs.

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to create a basic signature from a pre-made template:

HTML email signature generator from plain text

In addition to the new plain text signature templates, we have also made available a new method of creating HTML email signatures. Now you can convert plain text to editable HTML elements.

HTML email signature generator from plain text.

Here we have a video tutorial with an example of how to create a basic email signature from ideas generated via ChatGPT.

Quick changes in email signature

We introduce the new feature of the Bybrand HTML signature editor, named “Quick changes”. This option was created intending to simplify the process of modifying an email signature.

Quick changes in email signature

Read a full presentation in this article: Quick Changes – a new feature of the email signature editor.

Added new X icons (Twitter)

To keep up with the latest trends on social media platforms, you can now see the X icons (formerly known as Twitter) in the image gallery in the HTML signature editor. Note that the old Twitter icons have not been removed.

Added new X icons

New language: French

We are excited to announce that Bybrand now supports the French language! With this new language option, French users will be able to enjoy the complete Bybrand experience in their native language.

New language option French.

You can now create, customize, and manage professional email signatures in French, ensuring effective communication with your contacts. Bybrand is committed to providing advanced and tailored solutions to meet the needs of our users, and the addition of the French language is another step in that direction.

Fixed bug in CSV and Google Sheets integration

Finally, we fixed a bug in the import of the list of employees through the CSV and Google Sheets integration. If there was an empty column in the spreadsheet file, the placeholder was incorrectly added to the Department.


In conclusion, these updates bring significant improvements to email signature management in your company. From the ability to add new elements in the signature editor to creating simple text and HTML signatures, our users will have more options and flexibility to customize their signatures.

If you have any questions or require support, our team is available to assist.

Sincerely, The Bybrand Team