What’s new in Bybrand? Q1-2023

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Complementing the new features introduced in January, in Q1 2023 we will launch a series of enhancements designed to help you take more control over your company’s email subscriptions.

In addition to the new features introduced in January, we also have: two new signature templates; mass mailing now identifies the email field automatically, an animated signature generator, updated editor icons. With your feedback, here’s what we’ve done in the first three months to improve Bybrand for you!

Bulk-send improvements

The Bulk-send feature has recently been updated to improve your experience. Now, when using this tool, the email field will be identified automatically, which means that you will save time by not having to manually identify the email address.

The error when using the Bulk-send feature in other languages such as Portuguese and Spanish has been fixed. If the web application is in another language, such as Spanish, the feature will no longer show an error.

Melhorias no envio em massa

Additionally, we are working on improving this functionality by adding new features that will allow you to customize your mass emails and shared signatures with the employees.

Two new HTML signature templates

We have recently added two new HTML signature templates to our gallery. These templates have been carefully designed to meet our customers’ needs and can be customized to your preferences.

Template 2043
Template one
Template two

Animated handwritten signature generator

We introduce an animated handwritten signature generation tool that can help make your email messages more attractive and professional. This tool is especially useful for people who want to convey a professional and sophisticated image in their communications.

Animated handwritten signature generator example.

Ideas where you can use an animated handwritten signature:

  • Email signatures
  • Email marketing campaigns (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign);
  • Websites and landing pages
  • PDF
  • Thank-you cards.

Updated editor icons

To further improve usability and make the editor more intuitive, we have made some improvements to the identification of the icons. They are:

  • Exact crop
  • Enrich URL
  • Return image to original size.
Enrich URL example icon
Return image to original size example icon.

Simplified access to the internal areas in web app

We recently made a small revamp to the user interface that aimed to simplify access to the internal areas of the web system. With these changes, you can now navigate much faster and more efficiently, which will undoubtedly improve staff productivity and your overall satisfaction.

First recorded webinar

We also published our first recorded webinar – Unlock the power of your email signature with HTML.

We share tips, tricks, and techniques for creating a professional and attractive signature that will make a great first impression on your readers. Including the differences between plain text, image-only and HTML email signatures.

New tutorials in video and text format

Finally, on the Bybrand blog, we have written two guides on how to add a QR-Code or Google Maps banner to your email signature. Moreover, a step-by-step guide on how to create dynamic email signatures with Google Sheets.

Video tutorials: