What’s New on Bybrand? November 2020

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We continue developing new product enhancements to help you better and faster manage professional email signatures for your employees. We try to put ourselves in the shoes of IT administrators and marketers, so with this, we can create functionalities that provide an intuitive and modern administrative experience that inspires confidence.

Here are some of the most recent product updates that took place in November. But first of all. If you are a user of the Bybrand integration with G Suite, please leave your honest feedback about our APP in Google Marketplace: Email signature manager for Google Workspace. 🥰

Pre-created templates for G Suite

The integration templates can be useful for customers who are starting with Bybrand or recently with the Bybrand + G Suite integration (renamed as Google Workspace). Now, we list some examples of email signature templates with the integration placeholders.

This quick start option is ideal if you run out of time or do not have ideas for your team’s email signatures.

Integration templates

Currently, pre-created templates are only available for G Suite. Later on, we will build for Zoho Desk and Freshdesk, which are also important integrations.

Bybrand Team now has the role of Manager

In Bybrand Team, you can now invite a member of your team to the role of Manager. The difference between Editor and Manager is that the new role can manage all integrations

This is useful in cases where, for example, you are a marketing team, and you need the support administrator to enable the integration with Zoho Desk. Normally you would have to share your username or email the password (which is not secure). But now, you can invite your coworker to add the integration.

invite user to Bybrand Team

Edit email signature in HTML mode

We continually collect feedback and opinions. And the option to edit a signature in HTML mode is a frequent request. The wait is over! Now you can create a signature using your own HTML, perfect for HTML experts.

The function is available in Departments in the association area of ​​an email signature.

Edit email signature in HTML mode

Full video tutorial

Or see the step-by-step in text format.

Bybrand Editor v3

Well, this is not an available update.

We were able to fix the issue preventing the release of version 3 of the email signature editor. We are making the final adjustments to launch the new editor before Christmas.

After launch, we’ll add a new wave of features and functionality, including the option for embedded HTML (think NPS search on your email signature), campaigns, and custom URL links.