Bybrand + Freshdesk Just Got Better

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Now, by adding Freshdesk integration to your Bybrand account, you get features that make updating support agents’ email signatures quicker.

Introducing a bulk update for Freshdesk

Bybrand is the simplest way to save time and avoid frustration when managing email signatures for Freshdesk support agents – it saves time and enhances the customer experience with vibrant email signatures.

Complete guide on how to install and the first steps in the integration:

Email signatures manager for Freshdesk agents - completo guide
Bybrand + Freshdesk complete guide

In many cases, customers prefer to solve their product or service-related issues on their own. And an HTML email signature at the end of each support ticket will provide improved customer self-service.

You can add a link to the knowledge-base or FAQ, phone number, social media pages, or online chat, and so forth.

See this sample email signature that can be used by a support team.

Helpdesk email signature template

See some more email signature templates for support teams.

Pre-created templates

We are also introducing three pre-created templates for the integration.

You can get the templates when creating a new department on Freshdesk or when removing an email signature from the department to add another.

In the field, Source click on Integration Templates.

Pre-created templates

This way, using pre-created templates, you can create email signatures for support agents faster.

Other updates

Keep track of the other improvements that happened in January.

Integration with Google Workspace

This was a client’s suggestion.

We added a new placeholder for the Google Workspace integration. Now it is possible to load the “addressWork” field of each user.

Initially, we did not think that an address field could change for a Google Directory user. But then, on a closer look. Within a company that has branches spread in different regions, it could happen.

Bybrand imports the working address of the user’s Google Directory account.

Bybrand Editor V3

We have updated the email signature editor version. We didn’t make a big release; we prefer to make small improvements with a quicker real effect.

  • The padding feature has been improved;
  • Field option in the signature header for “greetings”;
  • Faster loading – less JavaScript code required;
  • New design for icons;

Small improvements

Finally, we have also made a series of small improvements. Almost invisible to the naked eye.

In the video tutorials section, we produced two enriching educational tutorials.