3 Best tips for creating a realtor email signature

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A realtor’s entire business is built upon making connections with others. One of the most powerful tools a real estate agent can use to maintain those connections is a well-structured email, with a well-structured email signature.

In this article, we’ll cover the most important features of a real estate email signature. We’ll also fill you in on how to easily create a real estate email signature that ups the trust factor, generates more leads, and looks professional.

Why should real estate agents use an email signature?

The email has been used for decades. According to statistics, the average office worker receives around 121 emails every day. So, it’s significant that realtors take the time to create a professional email signature. It will help you to stand out in the recipient’s inbox and show your professionalism.

Aside from making a good first impression, there are many benefits in crafting a digital business card that reflects a real estate company’s people and brand. 

A professional realtor HTML email signature:

  • Gives recipients different ways to contact you.
  • Drives traffic to your social media platforms.
  • Directs recipients to your best content, e.g., latest achievements or a new listing.
  • Provides an opportunity for a CTA.
  • It is an affordable way to market your services.
  • Helps generate leads.
  • Shows your area of educational or niche expertise.
  • Gives a glimpse into your property portfolio.
  • Enhances your brand image.

What to include in your realtor email signature

It may seem like a simple task, but creating your realtor email signature requires some thought and skill. It has to strike a balance between being easy on the eye and providing just the right amount of content.

When it comes to design, we have dozens of professional templates that can guide you in putting the signature together and ensure your email signature represents the brand. The content is very much up to you, although you do want to be succinct and keep the signature uncluttered.

Here are the most important features for email signatures in the real estate market.

A personal photo of you, the realtor, creates a welcoming touch and builds trust. It has also been proven that a photo of yourself in your realtor’s email signature will increase conversions.

Email signature with face photo.
Email signature with face photo.

If you’re using a photo of yourself as the real estate agent for a specific listing, follow company guidelines in terms of angle, color, and dress code to ensure a professional HTML signature.

In email signatures sent from a realtor’s office’s general account, the email signature should use the company logo instead of a photo. We recommend that you use an email signature editor to do the work for you.

Job title and company details

This is the basic information companies have to include in all email signatures. Your realtor email signature should include your job title and your company name and website.

The company name is highly important in a real estate agent email, so will be in a larger font. If there is space, include the company slogan.

Example of realtor email signature with license number.
Example of realtor email signature with license number.

Be sure to include your name and real estate license number. This helps ensure that recipients instantly recognize who is contacting them and shows that you are who you say you are.

Keep the job title short to avoid word over-crowding. If you have a specialization, include that in the estate agent email signature for added credibility and relevance.

Contact details

There is no need to go overboard with contact details in realtor email signatures. Include only the essential details for clients to get a hold of you to avoid information overload.

This example template shows a standard email signature for a realtor or real estate agent. Note that is added all important information for the customer who will receive your email. In addition, to the company logo and a CTA banner, thus making the signature clean and functional.

Standard email signature for a realtor or real estate agent.
Standard email signature for a realtor or real estate agent.

Top three ways for recipients to contact you:

  1. A click-to-call link to your direct mobile number. Many realtors will provide two phone numbers: an office phone number and their mobile number for after-hours use. Only add a fax number if that’s still used in your business.
  2. Your physical office address is important if clients come to your office. To make things easy, Bybrand email signature software allows you to create a Google Maps image that you can add to your email signature.
  3. Hyperlink your company website for any other information or additional contact details they may need.

A call to action or sales offer

A call to action (CTA) should combine an attractive design, be simple, and have a strategic copy. It should also match your Unique Value Proposition.

For example, it can be a request for a no-obligation evaluation, an opportunity to view a newly listed property, or an offer to have their property listed for free.

Whatever your actionable offer, make sure it is eye-catching and bold, and don’t forget to add links! In the second example, you can see the same signature with a CTA banner.

Email signature with Call-to-Action
Brand email signature with Call-to-Action banner in the footer.

Use original and social icons to add high-value links to your email signature without it becoming cluttered. These include your social media accounts, relevant real estate listings, and/or review sites such as Google Business and Yelp.

Bybrand’s cloud-based email signature manager lets a real estate agency add a logo to all your email signatures across email clients in just a few clicks.

3 Top tips for creating a professional realtor email signature

1. Coordinate the color scheme with your company colors

It’s important that your real estate email signature’s color scheme is consistent with that of your brand. This ensures email recipients can instantly recognize the real estate business you work for just by looking at your email signature.

Organizations should formulate a real estate company’s email signature policy to ensure everyone uses the same signature branding.

It’s beneficial to use an email signature management solution. This way, real estate companies can better manage their real estate email signatures for all teams and staff.

As a result, a real estate company can ensure that it displays a consistent and professional brand image at all times with the right email signature branding.

2. Use a clear, easy-to-read font

You may want to spice up your real estate email signature with fun fonts. But, using custom fonts could become a technical and visual disaster.

Some font sizes or styles may not display across computers and handheld devices. They may show up as default text or become illegible. It can also come across as unprofessional.

Most established organizations use the serif fonts family for their email signature. This includes fonts like Georgio, Verdana, Times New Roman, Lucida Bright, Palatino, and Calisto MT.

There’s more than enough to get professionally creative with while still being easy to read!

3. Add a banner for marketing magic

Adding a banner to the end of your email signature is a highly effective way to end your email to potential clients with a strong marketing message. It’s an opportunity to drive traffic to value-added content, such as new listings, awards, recently sold properties, your real estate portfolio, or industry insiders’ reports.

If a real estate agent has nothing special to promote, use the visual magic of a banner to create awareness of the business’ Instagram property galleries or a virtual tour of a great property.

Our HTML email signature software lets you upload a banner image and insert it in any position. Once that’s done, you create your CTA and insert a link to the relevant page on your website.

More real estate email signature templates

Example of complete email signature for real estate with banner image and highlight for two phone numbers.

Example of complete email signature for real estate with banner image
Example of complete email signature for real estate with the banner image.

An HTML signature with a banner in the header, company logo, and real estate social media links.

Example of a signature with a banner in the header.
Example of a signature with a banner in the header.

Creating an email signature for a realtor agent

In this 5-minute video tutorial, you can watch the steps of creating an HTML email signature for a real estate agent. In the end, you can manually paste it into the email client or use Bybrand’s integrations to send the email signature to the user.

Final thoughts on real estate email signatures

It is important to formalize your professional HTML signature as a real estate agent. Using an email signature template means you can easily customize signatures. You can include personal branding and real estate listings, and drive prospective clients to your social media pages and the company homepage.

Your email signature is a powerful way to market your organization and services. It is increasingly being employed by real estate agents across the world and you should utilize it to your advantage too!

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