5 Top HTML Email Signature Editors For SMBs

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Within the modern economy, small businesses account for much of the formal employment supply. This category, which can have different types of classifications, includes organizations with fewer than 100 employees, and annual revenues of at least $50 million, as defined by Gartner.

In the United States, SMEs account for half of the jobs generated. These companies range from hot dog trailers to modern software companies. Together, they account for 40% of the GDP.

So, if your business falls into the small business category and communicates with customers via email, this next article is for you.

Today, we will present the top 5 solutions that offer the best email signature editor. But first, let’s go through a quick overview of the difference between a manual editor and a professional one.

Email channel

A competitive advantage is what makes the public prioritize your company’s offerings over others, varying according to the segment in which the company operates. Advantages could be low cost, a differentiated product, and great customer service, among others.

For example, if the company uses the email channel frequently to serve current and potential customers, then having a professional email signature to enhance email communication is a prerequisite for success in this channel.

If you want to standardize the email communication of your small business (to strengthen email marketing), then you don’t want to waste time on repetitive tasks – using a manual editor to create email signatures. Therefore, you should opt for a more efficient editor to succeed and complete the task of standardizing team communication quickly.

In November 2020, we wrote a list with 18 email signature builders and managers and the difference between each category.

Let’s recall the difference between a manual editor and a professional one.

Manual email signature editor

If you don’t have a problem with too many manual tasks, a free email signature editor is ideal for your small business. It can work well if you have, let’s say, up to 5 employees.

The advantage of manual editors is that they are usually free to use. Here are two well-known examples:

However, if your small business has more than 5 employees who frequently use the email channel, and you have no time to waste on manual, repetitive tasks, you should avoid a manual email signature editor.

Professional email signature editor

Unlike a manual editor, a professional email signature editor offers a management solution so that you can manage the email signatures you create quickly and efficiently.

Listed below are the top 5 email signature editors and a summary of each option to help you choose the best solution.

1. Bybrand

Bybrand website

Our solution. Automation is one of the greatest benefits that the email signature manager Bybrand has to offer. The solution presents perfect native integration with Google Workspace, Zoho CRM, and Freshdesk. Our main goal is saving time for IT managers and marketing professionals, who are usually the ones in charge of standardizing employees’ email communication.

Princing for 10 users:

  • Professional plan, $8 per Month.

Email signature editor preview:

2. MySignature

This tool is user-friendly, and wide variety of email signature models are offered. They offer a resource that can manage various email signatures on the Dashboard, clone, and send a signature to an employee.

Princing for 10 users:

  • 10 Signature Package: $20 per month

3. htmlsig

The builder offers a dashboard where you can organize the email signatures created. This way, it is easier to make changes quickly, monitor statistics, and send signatures to a small team member.

Princing for 10 users:

  • Basic plan $5.99 / month.


Fundamental resources such as cloning, departments, and banners are available. The software may be adequate for companies that intend to use email signatures as a marketing channel. The downside is the lack integration, which you cannot ignore. For moderately-sized teams, the task of manually pasting the signature into each employee’s account is inevitable.

Princing for 10 users:

  • Email Signatures Marketing $22 / mo

5. Signaturia

The generator allows you to quickly create signatures with the fewest number of stages possible. There is a free version, but after 30 days, you lose the ability to change the signatures created, and you are limited to using the basic theme. The alternative is updating to a paid plan or downloading your signature.

Princing for 10 users:

  • Pricing not available.

Final thoughts

Cost efficiency and control: These are the two main advantages gained by choosing the right email signature editor.

Saving time when creating HTML email signatures is an inherent benefit for those who want greater operational agility. Second, you want to stay in control of the assets created for employees, and reduce the number of errors compared to if you leave it up to the employee themselves to create and deploy the signature in the email client.

Now that you know the advantages of adopting a good email signature editor, take the time to start this revolution with the experts.

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