Business email signatures: examples for energy industry

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In the highly competitive energy sector, it’s vital for companies to use every tool at their disposal to promote their brand and services for a brighter, more sustainable future. One such tool, often overlooked, is the email signature.

A professional email signature for energy suppliers can contribute significantly to enhancing the company’s image, promoting its services, and communicating important information via email.

This article will guide you on how to create a compelling email signature and introduce you to the innovative solution – Bybrand – to help manage your email signatures.

Understanding the value of email signatures for the energy industry

This element appears at the end of your emails, providing recipients with essential details about who you are, what you do and how they can contact the company.

Its composition mainly consists of text, HTML code and images, which accompany each email you send. Thus, making it a powerful branding and marketing tool.

Why opt for professional email signatures?

The main reason to opt for a professionally designed email signature is to project a positive and professional image of your company. An email signature that’s been designed and coded professionally ensures that no matter where your email is read, your company’s image remains consistent and impressive.

Key elements in a business email signature

The decision of what to include in your email signature is subjective and depends on your business needs. However, for energy suppliers, we recommend the following:

  1. Business logo: This helps with brand recognition and instills a sense of professionalism.
  2. Contact details: Include essential details such as your website, phone number, and physical address.
  3. Social media icons: Links to your social pages can help increase your social media presence.
  4. Banner image: Showcasing images or banners that link to your website or recent projects can offer a visual appeal and provide more information about your services.

Email signature examples for energy industry

To give you a clearer picture, here are a few examples of how a professional email signature for energy suppliers might look.

Basic email signature for energy suppliers

As an energy supplier, you might be dealing with different types of energy sources, including green energy and wind energy. Your email signature can be an excellent platform to promote these services.

You can include elements that emphasize your commitment to sustainable practices and your role in promoting green energy solutions. This helps to market your services and positions your brand as a socially responsible entity.

Email signature example for energy suppliers with logo

Alternatively, you can create an email signature with the brand colors.

Branded Email signature example for the energy industry.

Email signature for green energy

If your company deals with green energy solutions, your email signature should reflect that. Opt for a color palette that emphasizes your commitment to sustainability, like earthy tones or shades of green. Incorporating a green icon or a banner highlighting your green energy services can also add to the impact.

Email signature idea for green energy.

Next, we have an example with a banner at the bottom. In addition, you can add a banner in the HTML signature in different positions, such as at the signature header or on the left or right side.

Email signature for green energy with banner

Email signature examples for wind energy companies

For companies in the wind energy sector, the email signature could include an image of a windmill or other wind energy-related graphics. This will immediately signal to the recipient the nature of your business. You can also use a banner to showcase a recent wind energy project or to link to a page on your website dedicated to your wind energy services.

Basic Email signature examples for wind energy.

In this second example, we have a dedicated section with links to Call to Action (CTA). These email signature links are strategically positioned to direct users to the website. The objective is to incentivize individuals who receive the email to engage with the content and undertake specific actions, such as making a purchase or clarifying their own questions.

Email signature idea for wind energy with CTA.

Simplifying the process with Bybrand

Creating a professional email signature doesn’t have to be a technical challenge, especially for a business with multiple employees. With Bybrand, you can generate a professional email signature without any technical or HTML knowledge. The software offers an easy-to-use platform and comprehensive guides to help you create and install your email signature effortlessly.

Video: Creating an email signature for multiple employees.

If you’re looking to create a professional email signature for your energy supply company, Bybrand is the tool you need.


For energy suppliers, it offers a unique opportunity to market your services and promote your brand in every email you send. By considering the tips provided in this article and using a tool like Bybrand, you can create an email signature that looks professional and works as a powerful email tool.

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