Streamlining email signature management with Bybrand for Freshdesk

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Imagine if it was possible to seamlessly manage all your email signatures for your Freshdesk support agents without the need for manual copy-pasting. Thanks to Bybrand for Freshdesk, this is easily attainable!

Bybrand is a powerful tool that takes the hassle out of creating and managing email signatures. When integrated with Freshdesk, a customer support software that helps businesses grow their revenue and personalize customer service, Bybrand becomes an indispensable asset in your customer service toolbox across the email channel.

Introduction to Bybrand for Freshdesk

Bybrand is more than just a service for creating beautiful HTML email signatures. It’s a strong marketing tool that enhances every email message that leaves your company. When integrated with Freshdesk, Bybrand allows you to manage and deploy professional email signatures quickly and efficiently.

Here is an example of an email signature created for the support team. You can also check out other similar templates in Email Signatures for Helpdesk Software.

Email Signatures for Helpdesk Software.
Email Signatures for Helpdesk Software.

The benefits of using Bybrand for Freshdesk

Using Bybrand for Freshdesk offers numerous benefits to your customer service department:

  1. Enhanced Brand Image: With a uniform and professional email signature, your brand image is enhanced in every communication via email.
  2. Increased Productivity: By eliminating the need for manual copy-pasting, your support agents can focus more on addressing customer concerns.
  3. Better Customer Engagement: By including links to your knowledge base, blog, or other support channels in your email signature, you offer your customers a wealth of information right at their fingertips.
  4. Streamlined Management: By connecting multiple Freshdesk accounts to Bybrand, you can manage all your installations in one place, saving time and increasing efficiency.

How to integrate Bybrand with Freshdesk

Integrating Bybrand with Freshdesk is a straightforward process. Simply:

  1. Log in to your Freshdesk portal and navigate to your profile settings page. You’ll find your API key below the change password section.
  2. Log in to your Bybrand admin area at and navigate to Menu – Account – Integration – Freshdesk.
  3. Enable the integration and provide your domain and API Key.

Illustration, adding a new domain.

Adding a new domain for freshdesk.
Adding a new domain.

It is also possible to add multiple domains to the Bybrand account. This is especially useful for support agencies, managers, or large companies that use multiple installations on separate domains.

For more detailed instructions, refer to Bybrand’s integration guide.

Optimizing your Freshdesk email signature with Bybrand

With Bybrand, you can optimize your Freshdesk email signature to make it more engaging and informative. Here are some elements you can add to your signature:

  • Company logo or agent photo
  • Links to your knowledge base, blog, or news section
  • Icons for other support channels such as phone, chat, and LinkedIn
  • A banner or CTA for a demo

Providing excellent customer service is crucial for success. By optimizing your email signature, you can provide self-service options to your customers and increase your team’s productivity.

Managing multiple Freshdesk accounts with Bybrand

If you have multiple Freshdesk installations, you can connect all of them to Bybrand. This allows you to manage all your Freshdesk accounts in one place. You can also customize email signatures for each connected domain and keep everything organized with different email branding settings for each Freshdesk installation.

Managing multiple Freshdesk accounts

Bybrand for Freshdesk use case examples

To better understand how Bybrand for Freshdesk can benefit your business, let’s explore some use case examples:

  1. Standardizing Email Communication: A support manager at a tech company wanted to standardize the email communication of his team. He integrated Bybrand with Freshdesk and was able to easily manage and update all the email signatures of his support agents.
  2. Promoting New Features: A marketing manager at a software company wanted to promote their new features to their customers. She included a link to the “What’s New” section in the email signatures of their support agents, resulting in increased awareness and usage of their new features.
  3. Improving Customer Support: A manager at an e-commerce company wanted to improve their customer support. He added links to their knowledge base and other support channels in the email signatures of their support agents. This resulted in a significant reduction in support tickets and a higher customer satisfaction rating.

Frequently asked questions about the integration

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Bybrand for Freshdesk:

How do I find my API key in Freshdesk?

You can find your API key in your Freshdesk portal. Log in and go to your profile settings page. Your API key will be available below the change password section. More details on that link, how to find the API key.

Can I connect multiple Freshdesk accounts to Bybrand?

Yes, you can connect multiple Freshdesk accounts to Bybrand. This allows you to manage all your Freshdesk installations in one place, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Here’s a video tutorial covering all the steps of installing the integration and updating the email signature.

What elements can I add to my Freshdesk email signature?

You can add a variety of elements with the signature editor, including your company logo or agent photo, links to your knowledge base or blog, and icons for other support channels such as phone, chat, and LinkedIn.

What is the Bybrand Departments feature?

The Bybrand Departments feature allows you to manage email signatures with reserved fields that are filled in automatically. This reduces manual work and makes email signature standardization a breeze.

Bybrand background

Create your first email signature with Bybrand

Bybrand offers the ability to generate, administer, and distribute essential email signatures for your employees.

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