Bybrand is live

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The launch of a new service is a great motivation, perhaps similar to the birth of a child, you want to tell everyone the great happiness that does not fit in the chest. But you also know that there are responsibilities. You need to take care of them for a good part of your time. After all, he’s still tiny.

Our entire development process was fascinating, with small achievements every week, until it reaches the current stage after six months. Bybrand began to take the first steps alone now, and like the joy of a father, will be keen to support the world. The exciting part of developing web systems is that you do not need to have the service with all the features 100% operating to make it available to the public. Let’s win the world by taking the initial steps shortly.

Here is where we believe in what is a useful service:

No ads

No advertisement or Bybrand’s reference links, meaningless in an email signature. The primary resources that we fill with pride:

Responsible templates

Working with HTML in email messages is difficult, each email client renders in a way that best suits the content of the message, but Microsoft Outlook, you are required to create triggers to function, and at some point, it becomes terrible.

Your signature should be displayed correctly, without difficulty. It needs to be well-seen in major email clients, such as Outlook and Webmail as Gmail, and the most commonly used browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. We worry about it, so we use smart coding to work.

Tireless tests

It is important to preview the signature before writing definitely in the email, and Bybrand does this quickly, effortlessly. There are instant preview and email testing for any email.

Beautiful images

Even the most discreet signature needs a logo to advertise the brand to every sent email message. Also, where people are is essential, having social icons makes people connect with your business the moment they are reading your email message.

The next steps

The next steps now are to strengthen the foundation of our platform to increase performance and enable our most exciting features in a short time. We are committed to fulfilling our mission of a better experience to create a rich email signature.

If you want, follow this blog, it will be fed with the news soon.