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Bybrand hosts your email signature assets (images and icons) securely on AWS S3 and distributed globally via Amazon CloudFront. To solve the problem with an invalid image in the email signature, see the possible cases:

1. When your free trial is ended

Suppose you don’t hire a Bybrand plan. All images in your account are blocked 1 day after the 30-day trial period expires.

  • You can hire a plan to get back to normal. Thus, the system will automatically unlock the assets.

2. When you don’t renew a plan

When your plan expires, your images are blocked 7 days after the expiration date. You can hire the plan again so that the images of the email signature return to normal.

3. Plan purchased recently

If you are recently subscribed to a plan, after your Bybrand account expired, or after the trial period ended. In this case, clear your browser cache. Signatures will return to normal within 4 hours or when the network cache expires.

  • When renewing or purchasing a Bybrand plan, the account, and email subscriptions are instantly active again.

Image cache information

Your browser can generate a local cache of the images; this way, the images can still appear blocked, even after your active account.

The browser’s cache for images usually expires in 24 hours. Clearing the cache can help reduce this time.

For MS Outlook caching, the machine restart can also speed up expiration.

More info on Wikipedia Computing Cache.

If the issue persists, contact Bybrand support for further assistance.

Updated on 22 de November de 2023

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