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Import from the Google Workspace Groups

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This tutorial will do the simple steps on how to import users into Bybrand departments using Google Workspace Groups.

In the end, you can see a complete video tutorial of the steps.

Why import from groups?

Importing users using groups is a great advantage if your organization has many users, and you organize them by Google Workspace Groups.

Here is an example:

Example of Google Workspace Groups

Therefore, as in the example, you can import users from the NYC Marketplace and SLC Marketplace groups – if selected, as we will see below.

Import users from groups

Before you can start importing users into your new department, you need to enable the integration of Bybrand with Google Workspace. We already have a complete tutorial with the steps. See in:

Then create a department and select to import from the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) integration.

integration Google Workspace in department

On the next screen choose the groups option.

Importar de Grupos do Google Workspace


Bybrand will load all of the groups in your Google Workspace organization, and you can select the groups with the respective members you want to add to the department.

Here is a small example:

Select Google Workspace Groups to import

Two groups were selected in the image above, and the numbers represent the number of members in each group.

By clicking Import selected, you will add users to the department.

Integrations already added

The import of groups feature became available at Bybrand as of May 2021. Therefore, if you already have integration with Google Workspace active, you need to Grant access to the new scopes of groups and members.

On your Google Workspace panel, visit the Bybrand app and click Grant access.

Here is an example:

Grant access button

Video tutorial

Here is a complete video of the entire process described above. For any questions or difficulties, please contact our support by clicking on the button on the side.

You might want to see how to import users manually. Take a look at this tutorial.

Updated on 10 de January de 2022

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