Smart tricks for a better email signature

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When you start with Bybrand, your idea is to create a perfect email signature. With a logo image, contact fields, website address, and clickable social icons that point to the company page or social address.

It may arise in your mind: what is the way to do the best? The modern email signature is the one that keeps it simple. It is not the signature’s function to focus the content of the message, which, after all, is the most important in communication.

You can spend a few hours on improving your email signature. Can make a significant difference in terms of results. Excellence in anything increases the potential at all.

Excellence in anything increases the potential at all.

Already for some time, we gathered in our CRM a list of tricks to insert in the signature. Everyday things that many customers ask via chat. We are now making them publicly available.

Our area of smart tricks

smart tips in email signature

Over the years working with corporate email, HTML messages, and email signatures, we had the opportunity to know some cool things, and some not so much that should be avoided. Like for example, email messages with only images.

We’ve created an area designed to organize smart tips and tricks for your email signature. We start small with the most used ones. They are simple tutorials with quick videos that address only one thing.

Here are some examples:

Yes, you can improve your contact’s interaction with your email signature. Let everyone interact directly with Skype, WhatsApp, and phone calls with Google Hangouts.

We built Bybrand to be intuitive and easy to learn, but there are always features that you can not figure out on your own. That’s why we’ve put together this category with the most common tricks to make the signature experience more professional.

There are other excellent tips to make the signature experience even better; some we do not even know yet. From time to time, we will update the articles.

Marketing in an email signature

A great idea is also to add an ad banner at the end of the email signature. To show a promotion, event, or promote a new product. See this example of an email signature for a yoga teacher.

Send your suggestion

Maybe, you’ve already used Google search to find a question, or have a hidden trick, that you used and do not know. Let’s be grateful if we help enrich our list with tips and ideas to modernize your professional email signature.