Release Bybrand Reports

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We are meant to make Bybrand the best email signature manager. To achieve this, we must develop something different and seek our limits. It is creating features that add value, far beyond a simple manager.

After you paste the signature into the email and send the first message, do you know what happens? We are introducing the Bybrand Reports, the Google Analytics of your email signature.

Bybrand Reports

Quiet little Padawan, I will control my emotions. We launched the beta this month. And to tell you the truth, it’s nothing like Google Analytics, the above writing is yet another marketing phrase.

Since April / 2017, (the date we started Bybrand ) this is our most audacious release. We want to offer a detailed daily analysis of everything that happens in your signature, right after pasting the email and sending the first message.

Bybrand reports beta

In online business (SaaS), you learn that you must launch fast, simple and incomplete. In relation to a delayed, complex and supposedly complete release of traditional software. In my case, this works very well, because I’m not a perfectionist, and I know that this is not our best.

To speed things up, we are concerned with creating only one report in this initial version, which is the “User Agents” report.
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This report shows in which references, browsers, and devices your signature is most viewed, in a general scope. This can be useful, for example, to diagnose whether you need to change the layout if most views are taking place on tablets and smartphones with small screens.

You can also, of course, choose a date range to display data: last 7 days, last week, that month or last month.

Read a little further down our future plan for upcoming releases.

To whom can Bybrand Reports be useful?

Excellent sales and Marketing professionals now make decisions based on data, and no longer instinctively think that this or that is right or wrong.

If you thought of signing as a sales and marketing force, knowing when, how much, and where it was seen is essential. We understand this, and we want to enable marketing and sales teams to know everything, and to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Here are some upcoming releases in our sights.

  • Location report (geographical points where the signature is most open);
  • Individual openings per signature report (how many times and where it was opened);
  • Click reporting (on links)
  • Bandwidth consumption (generated data traffic);
  • A / B test (Comparison between signatures)

This shows what we really want with Bybrand, not just a simple signature generator.

We are collecting feedback

As responsible for product development, the days following the release are usually full of emotions. We spend hours, days and weeks planning, building, and modifying the feature to simply know how customers will respond.

The post-launch is one of the worst times for any engineer, even knowing we’ve done the best we can.