ProtonMail: A comprehensive review for professional use

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Email security refers to the various rules, practices, and technologies used to safeguard email accounts, information, and conversations against unwanted access and loss as well as tampering.

Generally, phishing attacks are distributed through email. Attackers employ false communications to convince victims to provide confidential material, access documents, or click on URLs that direct the victim’s device to a malicious website that installs malware. A typical entry route for attackers attempting to build a grip in a company network and steal crucial data is email.

The history of ProtonMail

ProtonMail logo

ProtonMail was established in 2013 by professionals acquainted with CERN. Initially, they came together due to their common goal of creating an even more secure and confidential Web. ProtonMail is a safe and private email service.

As a result, ProtonMail has grown into an international endeavor that safeguards civil rights and constructs a more secure Internet. Staff members at ProtonMail originate from universities such as Caltech and Harvard, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and other top-notch research institutes.

Presently, ProtonMail assists millions worldwide in protecting their personal information when they are online. Over 10,000 supporters have contributed to this cause by making donations that have enabled the team to complete this undertaking.

ProtonMail can continue to develop cutting-edge email security and confidentiality technologies from its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, thanks to the support and contributions of the people.

Security in email communications with ProtonMail

Following are some security features that ProtonMail has in store.

Information security and objectivity

Because ProtonMail was founded in Switzerland, every user’s information is safeguarded by the country’s stringent data privacy regulations.

Personal information privacy

ProtonMail values privacy and prioritizes the needs of its users. User data is private and confidential, and ProtonMail’s technology ensures that it stays that way. Moreover, ProtonMail includes an encrypted message gateway for user convenience.

Safety without complications

You can use just about any gadget on ProtonMail without the need to download software. Accounts with ProtonMail are entirely compatible with almost any other email service provider that supports IMAP and SMTP protocols. Therefore, users can send and receive emails as usual.

Productivity and security go hand in hand

Proton Calendar and Proton Drive enable users to keep all activities and documents private. The confidential email service is fully connected to a protected calendar, allowing users to keep the details of their activities confidential at all times.

Automated email security

ProtonMail uses end-to-end encryption and no access encryption for email security. This email security means that the team cannot decrypt and access user emails.

Thus, the encrypted emails will not be accessible to other parties under any circumstances.

Secure email for everyone for free

ProtonMail strongly believes that everyone should have access to email security. Therefore, the code is open-source, and basic ProtonMail accounts are free of charge. By subscribing to a premium subscription, users can show their appreciation for the service that ProtonMail offers.

Upgrading the account type

Users can choose from three upgrades from a free account to better suit email security needs.


When they subscribe to the Plus plan, users can benefit from the most advanced protected email account available while also defending their online privacy. For only 4€ a month, one can enjoy the following features.

  • 5 GB of available storage
  • Ability to send up to 1000 messages a day
  • Use of your own domain
  • Up to 5 email addresses
  • Priority customer service


ProtonMail Professional Plans allow users to host encrypted email on a secure server. At only 6.25€ a month, you can enjoy the following features.

  • Custom email addresses with chosen domain name
  • Adaptable storage management
  • Encryption for all users
  • Controls for administrative levels
  • Priority support


Sign up for the most sophisticated account. At only 24€ a month, it comes with various extra perks.

  • 20 GB of storage space
  • Up to 50 email addresses
  • Support for a maximum of 10 domains
  • Support for six multiple users
  • Exclusive access to new functions

ProtonMail for business

With convenience, users can protect all business emails. ProtonMail offers unique domain email addresses for every employee, instantly encrypts all emails inside the company without an add-on or a plugin, transacts seamlessly with PGP partners, and makes and receives classified materials with complete confidentiality protection.

Users can access encrypted email across any device, from any location. Protection must be straightforward, and anyone can easily use ProtonMail’s apps. Moreover, employers will not have to retrain their staff on technological skills, as ProtonMail makes it easy.

Administrators can add and remove users and view their access levels. They can also increase or decrease storage space, create email addresses, and change the password for email accounts.

Prove to your clients that you take security seriously. Use encryption to safeguard the confidential material and sensitive documents of your clients and business partners. Secure the communications with simple cryptographic functionality, allowing only users and business partners to access emails.

Users can also send self-destructing messages by specifying a termination date and, most importantly, save the contacts all over the devices and encrypt the most confidential details with the secure contacts feature.

With ProtonMail, users always have access to the productivity tools they need to keep the inbox neat and secure. Moreover, users will have no trouble dealing with their inboxes.

ProtonMail allows users to stay productive and structured by employing features such as:

  • Spam protection
  • Filters
  • An advanced search
  • Out-of-office message responses
  • The ability to get all emails sent to the domain
  • The inclusion of a logo and links to the company’s website in the email signature

All of these features work to make your business email more professional.

ProtonMail and professional email signatures

When sending an email message, you want to make a good impression. Use a professional HTML email signature in ProtonMail to help improve your email sales and conversions. For professional and corporate use, ProtonMail has an area to add an HTML email signature to every email message you send.

Creating a custom email signature for your business can be a great way to promote your brand and show customers that you’re a professional. There are tons of easy tutorials out there for how to create an HTML signature, but many of them don’t follow best practices.

Watch below to add an HTML email signature in ProtonMail.

You can include your product or promotion link directly in your professional email signature. This will make it easy for the viewer to click if they want to know your business better! Therefore, it is an opportunity to impress the recipient.

Professional email signature example:

Discover more email signature templates here.


It is important to ensure that attackers cannot grab sensitive data for their benefit, especially in the corporate world, where data and information are crucial assets. With ProtonMail, one can ensure that all communications through email are safe, secured, and confidential.

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