Introducing the new prices of Bybrand

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Today, we are presenting new plans for you.

From the beginning, in April of 2017, this is our third price change. Price changes are quite common in SaaS, but real change must be justified by adding more value to the product.

So far, in the short journey of Bybrand, we have already indicated the path we want to follow, launching Bybrand Campaigns, to strengthen business marketing. Bybrand Reports for performance analysis (beta), integrations with Gmail, Bitly, and help desk software like Zoho Desk.

Introducing Bybrand new plans

New Bybrand pricing

When we start, to make things easier, and reduce business rules (have less code) we chose to have only a simple plan with unlimited signatures. It worked well at; first, we got free, to work on more exciting areas in product development.

But now, when we reach 300 paying customers, it does not seem appropriate for a customer with six signatures, to shell out the same value as another customer with 150 signatures and dozens of campaigns and assets in the account.

We create plans that identify each type of business:

Bybrand Lite:

We think of Bybrand Lite for independent professionals, small business freelancers, startups and lean teams. With up to 15 e-mail signatures limit.

Bybrand Premium:

Ideal for web agencies, which create email signatures for third parties, medium / large businesses, and fast-growing teams. Having unlimited email signatures.

Not necessarily, a company with five collaborators who use the email creates exactly five email signatures. In many cases, there are two signatures versions for the same person or test with different models until you find what works.

We are justifying the price increase, for accounts that use more features, and against starting, by offering more now and improving a ton of Bybrand features this year.

New features that are on the way:

  • Bybrand Team (give creative people access to your account to help create e-mail signatures)
  • Improvements to Bybrand reports;
  • Improvements to Bybrand Campaigns ;
  • New integrations with G Suite, Zoho Desk, URL Shortener, and Google Analytics.
  • New signature editor functions (clone line, integrations)
  • Continuous improvement of the interface for ease of use.

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Our tool is designed to help you increase your team’s engagement in marketing, branding, more site visits, social networking, and building a successful business.

See the features page for what you will get with your professional email signature and Bybrand.

Old price guarantee

If you already have the previous Premium plan, nothing changes. You can continue on the exact plan for as long as you wish. Keep paying the last amount, forever. You have to be careful not to cancel the plan (or forget to renew), so in this case, you will have to join the new plans in place.

Local payment option

Boleto bancário, Brazil only.

We hear from you! A constant request was the option to hire Bybrand by Boleto Bancario. This is the preferred means of payment in Brazil, given the difficult access to credit cards, by companies. We meet this requirement.

New Bybrand Pricing Offline Payment

Now, in our last July update, Bybrand supports the ticketing option. This option only appears if your account is set to Brazilian Portuguese.


We want to ensure that these changes reflect the value of our product. This enables a sustainable business over time. You’ll love knowing that we continue to develop a stable product to help your business.

We would love to hear from you, if you have a comment or feedback, write to us.