G Suite will make an available feature for multiple signatures in Gmail

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Taking advantage of Gmail’s features more practically is one of the benefits that G Suite will offer customers, with the possibility of using several email signatures on Google’s email service.

The initiative was scheduled to be launched at the end of March but extended to April 2020. The feature provides more flexibility for users. So, it will be viable, for instance, to have a personal and a professional signature on the same account.

Rapid Release will now begin rollout on April 8th with Scheduled Release rollout planned to begin on April 22nd. Both will still follow a gradual rollout pace (up to 15 days for feature visibility).


Besides, a specific email signature can be created when the work involves a team. In this case, the user can attribute himself as “Team manager X.” This measure is a way to make communication more effective between people. It helps to better separate messages by a group.

Another benefit is the possibility that the email signature is made in several languages. In a globalized economy, this aspect is fascinating because it contributes to increasing employee productivity.

Email signature setting on Gmail

To be able to access multiple signatures, the user must initially go to Settings (gear icon) and follow the path Settings – General. Then, it is necessary to scroll down until you reach the item “Signature” and choose “Create new”, for the insertion of several signatures.

If there is an interest in having more additional signatures, the signature menu must be opened in the composition action toolbar to update the signatures. Users are advised to contact the G Suite Help Center to explore the feature of counting multiple signatures in Gmail in the best possible way.

For email signatures created in HTML with Bybrand, you can use this tutorial.

Full video tutorial.

What does this affect in Bybrand?

We received the news with enthusiasm, knowing that Google engineers are looking out to improve this vital part of email communication. It is not yet clear how Google will make available a method to make it possible to update several email signatures using an API.

At the moment, Bybrand only makes it possible to add and manage the email signatures of each user’s primary account. We are aware and well informed of the modifications on the Gmail API for the option of multiple email signatures in the future.

If you have any questions about how to use multiple email signatures on your Gmail account with Bybrand, contact our support for assistance.

It is worth noting that the option of multiple email signatures will be available to all G Suite customers and users who have Google accounts.

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