Gmail Confidential Mode Will Be Available in The G Suite Until June 25th

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Good news for G Suite users: Gmail’s private mode will be accessible from next June 25th. The novelty will allow Internet users to send emails with more privacy through the tool.

The confidential mode is characterized by having several controls related to the management of the information rights of the email. One is for senders, for example, to set an expiration date for sent messages.

Another advantage is that the content is protected even if the recipient’s email account, during the validity period of the message, is invaded.

To increase the security level, the new feature prevents recipients from forwarding, copying, printing, or downloading body message information or attachments. The new feature still allows senders to revoke previously sent emails. In this way, the user is more able to restrict recipients’ access to content.

There is also the possibility for users to request two-factor authentication in the message for the email to be viewed. According to Google, this measure favors the integrity of a message, even when the recipient’s account is hacked.

To start the use

To start using the confidential mode, the administrator can have more G Suite users adopt this feature by going through the following path:

Application – G Suite – Gmail Settings – User Settings.

Gmail modo confidecial

More details can be seen in email configuration options from G Suite updates;

The security

The confidential mode undoubtedly presents a high level of security. However, Google warns that this feature does not make the content totally inviolable. This is because it does not prevent recipients from taking screenshots or pictures of attachments and messages.

The company also highlights that this new service has a great benefit drastically reduce the ability of people with bad intentions have to access to information considered confidential.

In the corporate world, information leakage can cause financial losses and negatively affect a company’s reputation. Therefore, investing in a resource that makes data safer and less vulnerable to cybercriminals is critical.

In other words, betting on Gmail confidential mode is a crucial action for email messages to have a high degree of integrity, which is very important for both the sender and the recipient.

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