How law firms can benefit from professional email signatures

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This article presents the importance of a professional email signature for lawyers, especially in their business communications. A survey in the United States has shown that email is preferred by Law professionals when it comes to communicating with clients, and personalized signature plays a crucial role in these emails.

Communication is the most important tool for advocacy, and email plays a sine qua non in this scenario. A survey by Keith Lee * on Twitter showed that 62% of American lawyers prefer to communicate with customers using electronic mail. And this is due to several factors. Lee is the founder of Associate’s Mind, a well-known blog of publications for lawyers in the United States.

62% of American lawyers prefer to communicate with customers using electronic mail.

Lawyers often feel chained to their mobile devices and the vast majority of them see in an email the best way to get organized and get rid of ties in other random ways of communication. Telephone calls, for example, require a lot of attention and hamper the ability to multitask. In addition, email extends the possibilities of doing new business.

The best form of interlocution between lawyers and clients is the email

Email is a formal and more organized communication channel. Besides, email plays a key role in the digital age. When talking about doing business, there is no one who believes that the email is expendable. The email address has more value than any other contact data such as the phone or chat.

Emails allow you to send attached or scanned documents in the body of the message itself. Everything is very well registered by the providers, with the date and time of sending and receiving the content – security for both the professional and the client. And speaking of security, the exchange of emails is encrypted and digital security is guaranteed whenever you have the necessary care with your devices and passwords.

Businesses also make use of corporate email. The electronic correspondences prove to be an efficient form of internal communication between the collaborators. They allow you to send personal messages in a formal and documented way, as well as sending general and automatic messages to several people in just a few clicks.

Therefore, an attorney associated with an office or working independently, when they need to strengthen his brand, has in the mail a versatile, formal, and objective communication channel.

Below, we will see why transforming a simple correspondence into an indispensable piece of personal or corporate marketing through a professional email signature.

The benefits of professional email signature

A professional email signature demonstrates professionalism and credibility. As a result, this is undoubtedly the main benefit of the appeal. For this reason, most companies have the practice of including their logos and other information at the end of the message.

Lawyers composer new email
Email signatures for law firm example

Aligning the professional mailing address, type to a personalized signature is a priority action of any marketing strategy, aiming to increase the company’s recognition in the market.

So, the tool has many other uses: we achieve more significant exposure to the brand, especially concerning the logo. A brand becomes intense as it gets it to remember. So one of the best ways to do this is through repetition.

The use of professional signature in their emails also allows the diffusion of other communication channels, facilitating the business’s development or even the prospection of new clients. Many people stop contacting someone because the only way available is by email.

Having a custom HTML email signature, which includes a phone number, social pages like LinkedIn, for example, helps you generate more business. Including a clickable link to your blog or corporate website also helps generate website traffic, which is of paramount importance to the success of an online communication channel.

There is still the possibility of using a professional HTML email signature for other functions, such as various disclosures. With the inclusion of images or links, contact data, or other information, the possibilities are enormous.

The best way to create a custom email signature in a professional way

In fact, professional email, which includes a corporate address and a personalized email signature, is indispensable for the legal profession’s success and recognition.

One of the differences between a signature that takes only a simple image and a custom signature in HTML is that professional signatures made in HTML are visible even though the email client has triggered image blocking, much of which occurs, for example, so that you can have more speed and objectivity when reading and sending emails.

Another difference between commons signatures and HTML signatures is the possibility of standardization in departments or teams. Also, HTML signatures are always readable in the browser, while image format signatures are sometimes compressed and miss the setting. They are responsive; that is, they adapt to any screen format.

Email signature templates for law firms

To create a professional email signature professionally, you should look for a specialized company. Services such as the Bybrand, for example, offer the possibility of creating HTML signatures, which has all the advantages described in this article.

Look at these four professional email signatures templates below that can be used by lawyers or associates of a law firm.

Email signature template one

A rich template of information from the office’s areas of expertise, and a highlight for the phone number.

Email signature template two

A professional example, ideal for an independent lawyer. A highlight for the LinkedIn social network that would probably be the main channel for customer acquisition.

Email signature template three

Highlight the company logo, and with a disclaimer block at the end of the professional email signature, very common in the legal business.

Email signature template four

Email Signature for Lawyers - Template 4
Lawyers Email signature template four

And as an example, as in model 3 example, this example highlights the office logo. An additional to highlight the name of the associate lawyer.

Note: All of these models for lawyers do not represent actual data, they are merely fictitious references.

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