Announcing Freshdesk integration

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Support managers are looking for ways to standardize team email communication. The integration of Bybrand and Freshdesk facilitates this.

The Bybrand integration with Freshdesk offers a way to centralize the management of email signatures of helpdesk agents. All the email messages you send through Freshdesk to your contacts and customers will have a rich email signature to engage everyone in the marketing and branding of the company.

Good ideas to add on the support team signature:

  1. The company logo or agent photo.
  2. A links to the knowledge base;
  3. Icons for other support channels such as phone, chat, and Facebook;
  4. Links to social networks;
  5. An advertisement for an update with the Bybrand campaigns.

Look at this beautiful example model: 
featured phone and links to the KB, Blog, News, and Customer area pages.

Signature agent customer support

The integration between Bybrand and Freshdesk takes a few minutes to configure. Read the tutorial on how to enable Freshdesk integration.

For more details:

The value of integration

A win-win game that benefits everyone. Email communication is present in almost every business. No matter what your industry or activity time. When is communicating professionally, email takes advantage over any other like WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype!

In the field of customer support, the email channel is always the main one because it is cheap and it works.

As far as you’re concerned, the integration will help you in marketing, branding, and sales. See the Freshdesk report. By week or month, how many emails are sent by your account. A well-crafted signature will increase your website’s, KB’s, and social pages’ view of every ticket that responds.

Better than that signature in plain text before, do not you think?

Only the first release

I confess this is the first version. Let’s evolve much integration with Freshdesk. We can not imagine or simulate this real integration for a team that has, e.g., 50 agents, or more. Will the administrator have difficulty integrating into a large team? For small organizations, it looks like it will work as planned.

Please write to us if you have any feedback. With the quick launch strategy, we are giving great importance to any difficulty you have; we are in the process of rapid implementation.

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About Freshdesk

Freshdesk (a product of Freshworks Inc) launched in 2010 as a cloud customer service platform. Since then, it has expanded its products to include a helpdesk, Sales CRM, live chat, in-app chat, and social testimonial tools.

Currently, the company has about 150,000 customers who rely on the software to run their business.

And from now on, all these customers will be able to add Bybrand to enable more productive email communication with new email signatures.

We are delighted. Welcome to our integration area Freshdesk.