4 animated email signature ideas and how to create your own

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Having an animated email signature is a great way to make your professional email messages – sent daily to customers and prospects – stand out, adding an extra visual flair. Even if you are not a graphic designer, creating an animated email signature is quite simple using the right tools, such as Canva, and an email signature editor like Bybrand.

Let’s take a look at four email signature ideas using animated GIFs that professionals have implemented in their own emails. Next, we’ll tell you how to create your own animated email signature.

4 examples of animated email signatures

Email users nowadays are savvy, and picky about their inbox experience. An uninspiring subject, and also an uninspiring email signature, can be the difference between a user opening or dismissing a new message.

The animations you choose should be relevant to your company or the services you offer. Use GIF animations that reflect who you are and what you stand for professionally. Add a personalized touch with handwriting, a logo, and other details that reflect your brand.

Here we have 4 examples of animated email signatures: with a logo, face photo, banner, and with a signature handwriting to fuel your imagination.

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Animated logos are super trendy at the moment. Your signature can do much more than simply provide your contacts with useful information about you or your business. If you want to make your brand stand out, an animated logo is the right way to go because it will make your messages more remarkable.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use animated logos in your email signature, check out these two examples of designers who do it well.

Example one:

Email signature with animated logo – example one.

Example two

Email signature with animated logo – example two.

With an animated face photo

In this second example, you can use an animated face photo to make your email more personal. With so many people using email on a regular basis, a standard email can look like it comes from a robot. Personalizing your email using your own face photo as an email signature can greatly increase the effectiveness of this communication tool.

Email signature with an animated face photo

With an animated banner

Animated banners are useful for branding and marketing purposes. When using an animated banner, keep it brief – no longer than 10 seconds – so that it does not become annoying to recipients. Furthermore, you can personalize your signature with an animated banner by adding a link to a landing page.

Email signature with an animated banner

Animated handwritten signature

Creating your own signature doesn’t take much time or effort when you use the right tool – more on this below.

Everyone has their own unique way of signing their name. It usually involves looping letters and creating several scribbles to personalize the process. So, with the image file generated, it is a good idea to add your animated handwritten signature to your email signature.

Example of a handwritten signature added to an email signature.

Email signature with animated signature handwriting.

These animated email signature ideas will leave your recipients impressed, rather than disappointed. Try one of these or mix and match to create something unique that reflects your brand’s personality and voice.

How to create an animated email signature with Canva + Bybrand

Now in the second part, you can learn how to create a professional email signature with animated GIFs. This is a quick and easy way to show your personality within the inbox.

For an animated handwritten signature, you can use Canva to generate a GIF image with your name. This quick video tutorial will show you how to create an animated handwritten signature using Canva. Finally, download the image in GIF format. Now, that you have your image, you can add it to your email signature.

In this second, more thorough video, you can watch how to create an animated email signature with Bybrand + Canva. Also, the process is almost exactly the same for both animated handwritten signatures and logos.

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to create a professional animated email signature, you can try one of these 4 animation examples.

If you’re feeling creative, why not create some animated GIF images of your own?

Your animated GIF email signature can be a fun way to show a little personality behind your business. When you set up your animated GIF email signature, use the preview function and test sending an email to yourself to make sure it looks good before you send it to a client.

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