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Enable Google Sheets integration

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Google Sheets is free cloud-based spreadsheet software used to simplify common tasks, and Bybrand integrates with Google Sheets to simplify the creation and management of email signatures.

This quick tutorial will show you how to enable integration by adding a Google Sheets spreadsheet. And, in the end, you will be able to import the employee list into a department.

But, before starting, create a list of employees with Google Sheets.

Read on for more details or see a complete video with all steps in the end.

Create a list of employees with Google Sheets

The first step in integrating Bybrand with Google Sheets is to have a spreadsheet with the list of employees.

See this example image below.

Note that the first line is the placeholders fields that you will add to the email signature later.

Employees list with placeholder

In our example, you can see that the first line has placeholders for: name, position, phone, ext, email, linkedin.

  • Watch this video on how to create the employee list here.

When you have the complete employee list, click the Share button, and copy the public address from the URL.

Google Sheets Share button

With the address copied, you will add the URL to Bybrand with Google Sheets integration.

Adding the Google Sheets file to Bybrand

With the shared Google Sheets file in View mode, the next step is to add the URL in the integration.

Visit the menu: BybrandAccountIntegrations, and click on Google Sheets integration, as you can see in this illustrated image.

Bybrand + Google Sheets integration

Next, click the Add option, and then in the form field, add the URL of the shared link you copied in the previous step.

Data is imported from the first visible spreadsheet. Other sheets are ignored.

Here is an example.

Adding Google Sheets file

Click Save.

If everything is ok, you will see the name of the Google Sheets sheet in the integration.

Note that you can add various files; a good idea if you have many employees and plan to create email signatures for all of them is to separate the files by the department.

These are the steps to enable integration. Below you can read how to import the Google Sheets employee list into a department.

Import to a department

In the third step, you must import the employee list from the file into a department.

Let’s do this step now.

Navigate to the Departments section.

Create a new department. In our example, we rename the department “Google Sheets integration,” but you can choose another one as “Marketing Team.”

Import from Google Sheets integration.

Import from Google Sheets integration

On the next screen, you will see the list of files you have added. Choose one, and click the Load spreadsheet button.

Load spreadsheet

If everything is correct, you will be able to see a Preview of the data. Confirm and import.

Employees list preview

We won’t cover the next steps as we already have full tutorials and videos to associate an email signature with the department.

Video tutorial

In this quick video guide, we’ll show you how to turn a spreadsheet into an employees list for unified and dynamic email signatures management with Google Sheets.

Updated on 3 de August de 2021

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