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How to create a Department email signature


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Unlike a regular email signature, a department email signature uses placeholders, which are automatically replaced with information from the list of employees you send to the created department.


(Two left curly braces, “tag name”, Two right curly braces)

Here’s an example of a department email signature with placeholders:

email signature with placeholders
There are two left curly braces, “tag name” and Two right curly braces.

Please, note that each placeholder will be a column on your staff list. In our email signature example, we can have a list of employees with the following reserved spaces:

  • name
  • position
  • phone
  • twitter
  • facebook

With a CSV file like this.

CSV file exemple
CSV file example

Thus, for each employee interaction, the reserved spaces will be replaced by the employee’s actual information.

Email signature employee s interaction

Note that in integration, all tags are replaced.

Ready, in no time at all, you can create standard email signatures for everyone on your team.

Quick video

Creating email signatures for multiple employees can be a time-consuming task. But using placeholders, you can accelerate the process.

In this quick video, we will see how to list and use placeholders in email signatures.

Updated on 1 de August de 2023
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