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How to add custom fonts to your email signature

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Unlike an email marketing campaign, it is not possible to load external fonts into an HTML email signature. Therefore, adding a personalized text font to the HTML signature doesn’t always work.

Bybrand does not allow custom fonts in the editor.

On the user’s device (PC or smartphone), if it doesn’t have the font you’re using, the signature will load a substitute font (standard on all systems). To save time, we recommend using a standard text font. They are available on practically all systems.

  • Standard text fonts include: Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman. These fonts are easy to read and look professional.

How do I display the list of text fonts?

In the signature editor, select a text, then click on Font Family.

Display the list of text fonts.

Alternative in HTML mode

Although Bybrand doesn’t allow custom text fonts in the editor, it is possible to add a font using HTML mode editing.

Here are the steps for creating an HTML email signature using Bybrand’s HTML editing mode.

Read also: Best practices in creating HTML email signatures, use of standard fonts.

Updated on 19 de September de 2023
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