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Activating Bitly integration

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Bitly makes your links shorter and better, allowing marketing professionals to track the performance of clicks and metrics of their links.

With Bybrand, Bitly can shorten every URL you link to your signature, such as your company website, social pages, blogs, and images with links. Any text that has a link can be shortened and tracked.

Don’t forget to read the section: URL with your own personalized domain.

Activating the integration

After logging into the client area, go to the Account menu and make your way to Integrations.

Find Bitly’s integration and click Connect.

Bitly integration

You’ll receive the details of the integration and what you’ll be able to do inside your email signature once it is active.

Go to the Manage tab to activate the integration in your account.

Once clicking on the Sign in with: Bitly, you’ll be redirected to the authorization website to allow Bybrand to shorten URLs for you and send the links to your control panel.

This is the page with an active integration:

Enable Bitly integration

Done, the integration is ready for use, but, before you start using it, please read about personalized domains.

Your own personalized domain

Branded Short Domain (BSD) Read more about BSD in Bitly’s website

If you’d like to avoid your message going through the anti-spam filters, create a domain, which can also be a subdomain.

See our example with:


It’s important that you have your own personalized domain, different from the shortened URLs that you send your social media accounts or paste on websites. The shortened link in your signature is sent through emails, and the main domains that shorten URLs don’t have a good relationship with anti-spam filters.

In many cases, spammers or hackers use shortened URLs to try and scam people.

Knowing that, you should avoid messages with:


Follow up the updated list of abused URLs: http://www.surbl.org/tld

So, it’s best to have a personalized domain in your URLs, not the generic bit.ly one.

Activating the integration was easy, and it is even easier to shorten your URLs directly in the email signatures editor.

When editing a signature and adding a link, you’ll see the loading icon to shorten the link you’ll be adding.

Bitly shorten link in signature

After doing that, all shortened links will be found in Bitly’s panel.

Soon, we’ll have:

  • Adding personalized tags on shortened links;
  • View metrics;

Video tutorial

Watch a quick video showing how to shorten URLs in an email signature with Bitly.

It is done! If you have any questions or problems with the integration, please get in touch with our support team.

Updated on 18 de January de 2021

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