What To Include in Your Email Signature?

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An HTML email signature can do a lot of things for you. It gives the recipient a clear idea of who they’re talking to, it’s a great tool to show your brand identity, and it can also signify the professionalism of your business as well.

At the bare minimum, it should include your name, position, and contact information. So in a way, it’s quite similar to a business card and how your design shouldn’t be that much different from one.

The significant difference between an email signature and a business card is the accessibility to your other platforms. You can include a link to your social media page, blog, website, or a promotional banner right in the block. Keep this golden rule of design in mind when designing an email signature: “tight, concise, and focused”.

Information to add to your email signature

If you’re new to the idea of an email signature, here’s the template for your email signature.

The employee’s first (given) name and surname

You want the recipient to know that they’re talking to a real person, not just a random email from a bot. For this reason, you need to include the name of your employee in the signature block.

Job title

The recipient wants to know that the person on the other side knows what they’re talking about. A job title will tell the recipient that they are talking to someone with the authority and capability, and they might trust your contacts more for that reason.

Company name

What’s a business email without the name of the company? Make sure you include the name of your company and the tagline as necessary. If your business is big enough, you might be able to get away with just the logo instead of the full company name.

Telephone number

People need to be able to give you a call if they are interested, so you need to make sure you include your business phone number in the email signature. Make sure you include the country code so that people can call you from all over the world.

Email address

Sure, people can click “reply” to your email, but your email is night going to show up the same in every email service. By including your email in the signature block, you’ll get rid of this problem in one go.


It’s often a good idea to include a link to your website, as this is a free way to increase inbound traffic to your site. You send out a lot of emails every day. Why not use them as a marketing tool?

Email disclaimer

The global email regulations require that businesses include disclaimers in their email signatures. To avoid hefty fines, you need to make sure that you use accurate disclaimers and add your business address, too.

Putting it all together

See a beautiful email signature with all the essential information. This signature is for illustration only, does not represent real data.

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