What’s new in Bybrand? Q2-2023

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Welcome to the Q2-2023 product improvements report! Here are the most recent updates that were added in April, May, and June.

We kicked off Q3 by adding the Clean trash feature in Assets, to easily remove unused images in email signatures. We introduced the LinkedIn-based Signature Generator, also adding the option to Sign-up and Sign-in with LinkedIn. Furthermore, we also improved the UI of the templates page, allowing for the creation of signatures with their own HTML.

Below, we’ll go into more detail on what’s new. Keep reading so you don’t miss anything.

Clean trash in Assets

In Assets, you now have a new feature that lets you easily clean out the Trash. With just one click, you can delete unused images in email signatures and keep your gallery organized. This new feature makes image management more efficient. Importantly, the file will not be removed if the image is being used in an email signature.

Clean trash in Assets

Introducing the HTML mode editor

In June, we introduced our new HTML mode editor. Now, you can create and manage email signatures with your own HTML. We present a more in-depth introduction in this article here Improving the editor for own HTML support.

“Now you can list and manage all your HTML signatures, giving you access to a more complete view of all your signatures (normal and HTML) in one place. This allows you to be more productive in implementing a standard email communication for your company.

Introducing the HTML Mode Editor

And the best part? You can also associate a signature with its own HTML in a department, thus automating the company’s email signature management process, saving time and effort.

LinkedIn-based signature generator

Continuing with the news, in May we introduced the LinkedIn-based Signature Generator, a quick way to create email signatures using data from your LinkedIn profile. We gave a full presentation of the feature in Introduction to the LinkedIn-based email signature generator.

“With our LinkedIn-based email signature generator, you can now leverage information from your LinkedIn profile or company, such as profile picture, title, logo, contact information, and work experience, to create professional and consistent email signatures.”

Presenting the LinkedIn-based email signature generator

New UI in templates

Creating new email signatures is now easier with the new template page interface. The interface has been improved to provide a clearer and more organized view of all available templates, making selection easier.

The new user interface also allows you to create signatures with your own HTML or LinkedIn, thus providing greater flexibility and customization. With this new functionality, you can create templates that are more personalized and relevant to your business.

New UI in templates

And much more!

In addition to the changes we made before, we worked hard in Q2-2023 to make Bybrand better for users. To this end, we have made several bug fixes, improved usability, and added new features.

To ensure that our users have access to all the knowledge they need to use our products in the best way possible, we have added three new tutorial videos on YouTube. These videos provide step-by-step instructions for you to work better with your email signatures.


Thank you for reading.