Is NewOldStamp the Right Email Signature Manager for You?

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Email signatures are exceptionally helpful for marketers and business people throughout all industries. What started as basic .text files traded over the internet has become a staple of digital communication. Instead of calling or sending a proposal or contract via the USPS (United States Postal Service), you can now email almost anything you can digitize.

So, now that email has become the preferred method of quick and effective communication between businesses, the email signature has garnered a reputation all its own. Thus, an email signature is a useful and necessary marketing tool due to its capability to make every email more informative.

As they are such important pieces of an everyday communique, you must use the best creation methods for your professional email and email signature management.

Today, we’re going to walk you through NewOldStamp, including a summary of its features as well as its pricing and alternatives.

What is NewOldStamp?

For those who have never heard of NewOldStamp until landing on this page after a Google search, you might want to check out Capterra user ratings for NewOldStamp. At first glance, don’t be surprised by the number of reviews written – that’s a positive point, anyway.

NewOldStamp was free software for a while and participated in the Sumo discount club.

NewOldStamp is the best choice for implementing email signature marketing into your company branding. This email signature generator goes above and beyond to offer useful and affordable email signatures to individual professionals, teams, and companies alike.

NewOldStamp offers a plethora of options that make the email signature generator a perfect fit for entities such as:

Therefore, you can see how NewOldStamp is dynamic enough to help build your success. Whether you are a student or an small company, NewOldStamp has the capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Why do I need an email signature?

Email signatures are great branding tools for yourself, your business, or your organization. In the digital world, there are many reasons why it is essential to have a professional and consistent email signature:

Here are the pros and cons of the proactive NewOldStamp email signature generator:


NewOldStamp allows you to manage email signatures for a few employees. The generator offers the perfect email signature builder for students, the self-employed, and personal assistants. Furthermore, it provides features including:

In addition, NewOldStamp includes a centralized dashboard, and the options are extremely affordable. Analytics and banner management is available for marketers. The solution offers detailed installation guides that make the generator easy to use so the solution is a safe choice for small businesses.


While there are plenty of reasons to love NewOldStamp, there are a few considerations that are important to know about before deciding to dive into creating email signatures for yourself, your nonprofit, or your business:

Therefore, the NewOldStamp email signature generator has no email platform integrations, which is certainly its biggest downside.

What type of pricing plans does NewOldStamp offer?

NewOldStamp offers dynamic pricing plans designed to work for you and with your schedule. While there isn’t a plan that provides monthly payments, there are two monthly payment options available for each price point.

First, NewOldStamp offers a package for startups, students, individual professionals, and others that might benefit from a slightly lower price. This plan’s options include paying quarterly (four payments of $24 per year) for a total of $96, or an annual fee of $86 per year.

The second NewOldStamp price plan aims to accommodate teams, agencies, or larger entities. These plan options include paying quarterly (four payments of $33 per year) for a total of $132, or an annual fee of $108 per year.

Note that the prices below were collected in July 2021.

Features IncludedEmail Signatures: BrandingEmail Signatures: Marketing
$8/$7 per month
$11/$9 per month
Central ManagementYESYES
Multiple Signatures per UserNOYES
Signature AnalyticsBasicAdvanced
Bulk User ImportYESYES
Custom Signature GeneratorYESYES
Banner CampaignsOne CampaignUnlimited
Banner Campaigns AnalyticsNOYES
Banner GalleryYESYES
Account AdministratorsFive AdminsUnlimited

In summation, NewOldStamp is incredibly transparent regarding the email signature generator’s offerings and prices.

Alternatives to NewOldStamp

Again, if your wish is to create a few email signatures for employees or if your business is related to non-profit organizations, educators, and self-employed professionals, NewOldStamp is, without a doubt, the best choice.

On the other hand, if your business is a company that cannot afford to waste time on repetitive tasks, switch between browser tabs, with no automation, you need NewOldStamp alternatives that may meet your expectations better.

Next, we’ll share three great NewOldStamp alternatives: Bybrand, MySignature, and WiseStamp.


Notable features:

Here is a complete list of features that Bybrand offers in their email signature manager.

Summary: Bybrand is an email signature management platform that makes it quick and easy to create signatures for your entire team. The platform offers time-saving features, a large collection of templates, an HTML signature editor, integration with leading third-party tools, and collaborative features to speed up the signature creation process.

Bybrand understands that, as an IT manager, you have a busy schedule. Therefore, while email signatures are important, the creation process needs to be as quick and streamlined as possible – without sacrificing professionalism.

Video: Create from scratch your first HTML email signature.


Summary: This tool is user-friendly, and a wide variety of email signature models are offered. They offer a resource that can manage various email signatures on the dashboard, as well as cloning and sending a signature to an employee.


Summary: WiseStamp is an email signature manager designed specifically for personal use and for freelancers. WiseStamp is used by around 700,000 professionals and small business owners around the world.

Required reading: How Bybrand is the Better Alternative to Wisestamp.

The bottom line

It’s never too late to make a change, especially if your current email signature management software isn’t optimizing your business processes, generating more work for your IT department or marketing team.

Choosing an email signature manager isn’t a decision to take lightly. There are several factors that need to be considered, particularly the needs and size of the team or company. Finding the right solution is important.

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