Improving the editor for own HTML support

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We are pleased to announce an improvement in our signature editor. It is now possible to create and manage email signatures with custom HTML. Our users will be able to rely on their own HTML editor, making the creation and customization of signatures even easier and more efficient.

There are so many ways to obtain an email signature! You can receive the HTML file from a team designer, hire a freelancer on a marketplace platform like Fiverr, or develop it on your own using an IDE such as Notepad++, among many others.

What is changing?

Create a new signature with your own HTML by navigating to the Signatures menu, then Create new.

Own HTML Bybrand

Previously, the signature list displayed only specific HTML signatures created in departments. If you deleted the department or removed the linked email signature, the email signature would be automatically deleted without any possibility of recovery.

Now you can list and manage all your HTML signatures, giving you access to a more complete view of all your signatures (normal and HTML) in one place. This will allow you to be more productive in implementing a standard email communication for your company.

An independent HTML signature editor

With the new HTML editor, users can create a richer and more professional email signature that meets their business needs. Bybrand’s HTML editor offers intuitive editing features, allowing users to customize the font, size, color, and external images in their signatures.

Moving the HTML file to the editor.

Additionally, the new HTML editor applies styling to the code to make it readable in editing (Beautiful Code). It also has the option of Code View to make simple changes to the signature content or replace images from the gallery easier.

Code View

We are confident that our users will have an even better experience creating and customizing their advanced HTML email signatures. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our new HTML editor.

Finally, here is a video tutorial about the update: Creating and editing an email signature with your own HTML

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