How to create automatic email signatures with Google Sheets

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The quality of an HR department can make or break a company, as it provides all the organizational culture and morale a company needs to complete its daily operations.

The real challenge HR faces is managing the various pieces of employee information and requests. It is time-consuming to make sure you have the correct spellings of names, as well as proper phone, email, and social contacts. Luckily, there is a simple tool that makes the process of deploying email signatures a lot easier: managing email signatures using Google Sheets.

Benefits of Google Sheets for the HR team

Google Sheets is one of the programs included in the cloud-based software suite you receive when you sign up for a Google Workspace account. It is a table-based program similar to Microsoft Excel, but does not require an annual subscription to access.

Excel requires active saving and the moving of files in multiple formats across different platforms. Google Sheets is a far more collaborative program, working across all platforms with nothing more than a free account.

HR departments can use Google Sheets to enter their employees’ contact information and create a digital Rolodex. This information can then be displayed in their email signatures for both customer and B2B communication.

In addition, it is securely stored in one of Google’s encrypted data locations, where only the correct, designated people and programs may access the information.

Consistent email communication is important

The whole point behind putting all your employee and business info into a Google Sheet is to maintain a uniformity for all of your B2B and client communication.

Your company’s brand is made up of recognizable design elements that need to be correctly displayed across all of your messages. You want your clients to feel secure that they are speaking with an actual representative of your company each time they receive and send a message. You also want to ensure the correct contact information is present so no call is missed or business opportunity wasted.

Consistent email communication creates brand credibility, demonstrating that you have a vested interest in your brand’s image and want to clearly communicate that interest to everyone who interacts with your company. An email signature establishes who you are as a company. It reinforces a cohesive message and recognition across all of your staff’s email communication.

Why manage email signatures from Google Sheets?

You can do the same things on Microsoft Excel that you can do on Google Sheets, but not in the same ways. The beauty of using Google Sheets is that you have a “live” document accessible to your entire team. Whenever a change needs to be made, all it takes is simple data entry.

While Excel is similar, you cannot turn on global sharing without having to jump through a lot of other hoops.

Saving an Excel sheet is also an issue. Google Sheets automatically updates whenever you change data on the document, but Microsoft requires you to manually save and then export as a CSV file if you want to send it to other collaborators.

Google is more of a universal document that doesn’t care about operating systems or protocols other than use authorization. It takes minimal effort for an HR manager to designate who on their team can manage the email signatures, allowing for full transparency. This saves a lot of time and resources.

How to create automatic email signatures with Google Sheets & Bybrand

In the video, you can see how to turn a spreadsheet into a list of employees for unified and dynamic HTML email signatures management with Google Sheets. Finally, the integration method is more efficient for email signatures management than with a CSV file.

You can also view this step-by-step tutorial on how to create an employee list using Google Sheets, add the file link in Bybrand, and import the employees to create automatic email signatures.

Wrapping it up

A uniform employee and staff email signature is an excellent design element for any company, especially for an HR department. It allows quick and easy methods of managing all the correct contact information connected to everyone involved in your company.

Using Google Sheets enables your B2B and client interactions to be more uniform and credible. The unified brand identity will strengthen their perception of and relationship with your company.

Hosting this contact information on a universal program like Google Sheets is a real asset to an HR manager. Now they can easily assign different people on their team to edit, enter, and delete any records that may be out of date or incorrect.

When you are preparing to integrate Google Sheets into your next email signature system, you should consider Bybrand as a solution.

Bybrand is a cloud-based email signature manager that integrates smoothly with Google Sheets, creating a unique email signature consistent with your brand for every single member of your team, all thanks to the power of a Google Sheet.

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