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Email signature editor

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Bybrand’s HTML email signature editor has many great features to discover. This series of 4 videos below show you the HTML editor’s major functions.

1. Adding a logo to the email signature

The first video shows how to insert the company logo, social icons (Facebook, Instagram) and add the link in the images – to redirect the customer to a specific page.

2. Sending an image to the email signature

In this second video, you can see how to send an image (logo or headshot) for the HTML email signature. Then cut and vertically align the image element.

3. Working with columns and borders

The following video shows how to add and remove lines in the HTML email signature and how to work with border property.

4. Background color to the email signature

In the fourth video, you can watch how to add a background color and text color to your HTML email signature. And finally, how to work with the line-height property in a text field.

Updated on 9 de March de 2022

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