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Department email signature

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This three-video series shows you how to create a department email signature with placeholders.

1. Creating an employees list

You can see in this first video that we created a list of employees from Google Sheets and then exported the data to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Later, you import it into a Bybrand department.

2. Adding placeholders

In the second video, you can watch how to edit the HTML email signature linked with the department and add the placeholders. After, we removed the fixed fields and added variables as in the example: name, position, and phone.

3. Customizing placeholders

This third video will customize the placeholders in the email signature a little more. We add bold text, dynamic links with placeholders, and email fields. In the end, save and return to the department to see the results.

Updated on 9 de March de 2022

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