How do you write a good CEO email signature?

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A great CEO email signature is an essential part of your professional identity. Each time you send out email messages, your signature helps promote your business and makes communication more personal. It can also include useful features to help your company’s marketing efforts.

In this guide, we’ll explain why these email signatures are so important. We’ll also outline the essential elements of a winning CEO email signature template so that you can write a great CEO signature.

Why every CEO needs a good email signature

As the CEO, you represent your company. You are the public face of your company, and you shape people’s perception of your company in whatever you do.

This means that, as CEO, you need to display absolute professionalism at all times. Having a CEO email signature is one important factor in this as it can achieve a couple of important things.

Firstly, it improves your correspondence. As CEO, you are in touch with many different people throughout the day. By including a clear headshot and contact details, communication and correspondence become a lot easier and more transparent.

CEO email signatures also play a vital role in representing the company. This includes displaying the company logo and portraying the company’s brand image. If the email signature doesn’t look good, it could have an effect on your professional reputation.

Finally, your CEO email signature can be used to get more from email communications. It can include a link to your company website, promote important content about the company, and include social media icons or other navigational elements that you want your contacts to follow.

You could even include a professional email signature banner to promote your company’s latest endeavors and marketing campaigns. This way, your email signature can help to achieve a lot more for your company with each email sent.

CEO email signature template with banner

What does your email signature need to do for you as CEO

Here are some of the main things that CEO email signatures should achieve:

Represents the chief executive officer

Foremost, a CEO email signature needs to include all of your basic information. It is a personal representation of you and will help to make communication more personal with people you have never met in person.

Email signatures should tell people who you are, where you work, what job you hold, how to get in touch with, and possibly, what you look like.

Represents the company

As a CEO, you are an extension of the company. So, your CEO email signature also needs to represent the company in a professional way.

Think of it as a kind of digital business card. Your email signature should make it clear what your company does and provide useful information or links to direct people on how to contact you or learn more.

Beyond just including the company name, you want to display professional branding to help recipients gain a positive perception of your company.

A professional corporate email signature can promote your company and play an important marketing function.

Promote actions

A good CEO email signature should include links so that your recipients can take further action. This could be to connect with your LinkedIn profile, to guide recipients to investor relations content, to join an event, or more.

If there is something important for your company to promote, including it in your CEO email signature can have a significant effect.

Be memorable

Each CEO email you send out should leave an impression. Professional email signatures help you to leave a positive impression and get your contacts thinking about you.

Your email signature is your chance to get your emails to stand out and be eye-catching. Email signatures cut through dull corporate email conversations to help you gain attention.

What should a perfect CEO email signature include?

There are multiple email signature templates and options for what to include. While this changes depending on the organization and person, there are a few essential items to include in a CEO email signature:

All your necessary personal information

Include your full name, your position, and any contact details that you want to share.

Company logo and information

Include your company name, logo, and website. You want to make it clear what company you’re a part of and what it does.

You might also want to include your business’s physical address if it’s relevant.

Social media icons

Add any important social media icons with links to the profiles. This should be your company’s profile or your professional LinkedIn profile.

Be careful not to add too many links here. You don’t want to be overly promotional – just share the social media channels that your contacts would actually want to follow.

Your photo

Including a professional headshot is always a great idea in a CEO email signature. Recipients might not have a clue what you look like, so including a friendly image helps to make your conversations more personal and relatable.

If you would rather not include a personal photograph, you could also include an image of your company building, products, or anything else that is relevant.


Ensure you include consistent company branding in your email signature. Your signature should use the same fonts and colors seen across your company website.

All of your company’s employees should also incorporate this same branding into their signatures. This is super easy to do with Bybrand. You can manage all your employee’s email signatures from one place, ensuring a cohesive company image across all emails.


Your email signature can be a useful marketing tool for your business. You might want to include a relevant call-to-action, with a link pointing to something that really matters to your organization.

This could be to a calendar to book a time with you, a piece of helpful content on your blog, or a demo booking page.

How to create the perfect CEO email signature

An email signature is a relatively simple thing, but you need to create yours properly if it’s going to leave a positive impact.

Here are a few steps to take when creating your signature.

Start with CEO email signature templates

The easiest way to create a professional email signature is to simply use a CEO email signature template. This way, all you need to do is pick an email signature template that works for you, and customize it with your information, colors, images, and links.


CEO email signature with face photo

By choosing an email signature template, you’re already accessing something that was professionally designed to include the important elements of a great CEO signature. This makes your life a lot easier!

Know what information is most important

When creating your email signature, know what information is most important to you. You don’t have to include every possible element in your signature. In fact, this will just make it confusing.

The more focused and minimal your signature is, the easier it will be to read and remember. Start by choosing a few essential pieces of information before choosing an email signature template.

Order your information correctly

Put the most important information (like your name, company name, and job title) at the top and in the largest text.

Put the less important information (like your website link and social handles) lower down in smaller text.

Keep it simple

Yes, you want to stand out, but don’t try too hard. The most straightforward email signatures are often the most effective.

Don’t try to include too much information when creating your signature. Instead, clearly communicate your brand, position, and details without overdoing it.

Example of a minimalist email signature:

Minimalist email signature template.

Creating a CEO email signature – step by step

This video will show you how to create a CEO email signature using the Bybrand editor and a pre-created template. This is a simple tool that will help you make yourself look professional.

A Guide for CEOs on Crafting the Perfect HTML Email Signature

We created an email signature in a single column and 320px wide in our example. This type of signature works best if the customer opens your email on a small screen, such as a mobile phone.

More email signature templates for executives & CEOs

So, if you want to step up your game and create a professional-looking email signature perfectly suited to your company image, here are more 6 professional email signature templates for CEOs. These can be custom-edited to reflect the type of business you are in.

Template one

The first CEO email signature template has a headshot to make communication more personal – but that’s not to say it’s informal. Nowadays, people prefer to know who they are exchanging messages with.

CEO email signature template one

Template two

Again there is a face photo, but now with the name and role in the header. Also, note that the company name is highlighted with larger letters, as is the address with an icon. Certainly, this business has an important physical location.

Business owner email signature template two

Template three

Now we have a third example, using the company logo to reinforce the brand image. With the executive’s name and position in the first line, your recipient will quickly know who they’re exchanging email messages with.

Furthermore, in the template, the disclaimer block is in two languages: English and French.

Business owner email signature template three

Template four

A minimalist email signature template with an important PS with a link. Additionally, you can add a CTA to a public calendar or a link to open a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger call.

CEO Email signature template four

Template five

In the fifth, we can see that the phone number is highlighted. Again, this number can be directly linked to open WhatsApp or a call-to-phone link with an add-on. Read more about it here.

Email signature template five for a business owner.

Template six

In this sixth and final example, you can see an email signature with an animated logo. This is a great way to add some personality and pizazz to your professional communication, maintaining a level of etiquette. With an animated logo, you can draw attention to your brand in a subtle yet effective way.

Email signature with an animated logo. for CEO

The extensive library of flexible CEO HTML email signature templates is the perfect starting place for creating a stand-out sign-off to your email communications, which empowers companies to turn corporate email into a low-cost yet highly effective marketing tool. Most importantly, it invites response and leaves a lasting, memorable impression.


The right CEO email signature template can make a big difference in how you communicate.

As a CEO, you must maintain absolute professionalism throughout all of your communications. A great email signature forms an important part of this, helping you to achieve more with each message you send!

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