How to add a Calendly link to your email signature

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If you want to optimize the way you manage appointments, then using a Calendly email signature is one of the best solutions. Busy people can easily add a Calendly appointment link to their emails, helping them attract more important meetings while improving the way they stay organized.

If you’re interested in making the most of your interactive email signature, then adding a Calendly link is a great idea.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the main reasons why this can be beneficial, as well as show you how to add an appointment link to your email signature.

There’s a lot you can achieve with your email signature, such as promoting content, advertising events, or sending traffic to your social media accounts.

However, one of the best things that you can do with your email signature is to use it to schedule meetings and appointments. The easiest way to do this is to add a Calendly link to your email banner.

Here are some of the main reasons why adding a Calendly scheduling link as a standard feature in your emails is a good idea:

Schedule product demos

If you’re a business that offers product demos (such as SaaS companies), then you can add a “Book a demo” link directly into all the emails you send. This is an excellent way to get more people on demo calls, which could help you boost sales.

One of the most important marketing actions for businesses that offer platform demos is to get prospects onto the demo. While this often requires plenty of strategic lead nurturing, you want to make sure you provide as many possibilities for scheduling demos as possible.

By automatically placing a Calendly link in all of your outgoing emails, you make it a lot easier for people to book a demo. Example of email signature with Calendly meeting link:

 Example email signature with Calendly meeting link.
Example email signature with Calendly meeting link.

You also improve the visibility and knowledge of your demos, which can help to tempt people.

Adding this kind of cold Calendly link to your email messages is a good idea. You can use the email to share valuable content that helps the recipient. Then, use your email signature as a second CTA where prospects can book a demo.

Keeps your calendar more organized

You could also include a personal calendar invite in your emails. This makes it easy for your contacts to schedule any necessary meetings or appointments with you.

Calendly will automatically update your calendar and keep you notified about upcoming appointments. Automating your calendar like this will save you time, and make it a lot easier to stay on top of all your meetings.

One of the great things about using a Calendly account is that it requires zero time or effort from you to stay organized. No more back-and-forth email threads to schedule a Zoom meeting. You also always avoid double bookings on your calendar.

Simply set it up, and forget about spending any time scheduling appointments or managing your calendar. This will all be taken care of in your emails.

Of course, you don’t always want to send out your personal calendar to all recipients. A good strategy is to use separate signatures for emails with coworkers, clients, and emails with strangers.

Video: Adding multiple email signatures to your Gmail.

Adding multiple professional email signatures to your Gmail

Improves your recipient’s experience

Whatever reason you’re sending out the scheduling link through Calendly, it will benefit you and the person scheduling a meeting with you. This is because the scheduling page will automatically reveal available time slots only.

Your contacts can easily set up a meeting at the right time, without any risk of double bookings or them choosing an inconvenient time.

The alternative to this is to discuss your availability and spend too much time scheduling a meeting that works for both parties. Example Calendly page after the customer clicks the link in an email signature:

Example event Calendly page

Calendly invites provide a far more efficient and easy experience for everyone involved.

Improves trust and connection

If you embed Calendly into our emails, you make it much easier for your recipients to connect with you face-to-face. This can be a great way to add trust and transparency to your business.

Whether you add a calendar link to a welcome message, offer Calendly links to inbound requests, or if you just want to make it easy to plan your next meeting, adding a link to your emails makes your recipients feel a lot more closely connected to you. This can have a positive impact on your brand.

Adding a Calendly scheduling link to your signature is actually a super easy process. All you need is a Calendly account set up, and an email signature tool – like Bybrand.

Once you have this setup, you can simply add a Calendly link to your signature by inserting it as a hyperlink over text.

You could say something like “schedule a meeting with me” at the bottom of your HTML signature, and use this to link out to your Calendly landing page.

Here are the basic steps you can use to do this.

Set up Calendly

Start by setting up your account in Calendly. You can connect Calendly to your Google Calendar (or whatever calendar you’re using) so that all scheduled Calendly events automatically update on your calendar.

Customize your calendar by setting up event types, available meeting lengths, and your availability.

Make sure that you include your cancellation policy in your account. When someone schedules or changes a meeting with you, automated messages will be sent to notify you of the meeting.

Edit your email signature

Now you can set up your email signature. If you’re going to include a link to your Calendly scheduling page, then it will be best to use an HTML email signature. This is more interactive, allowing you to include links.

To set this up, simply use a platform like Bybrand that lets you choose between loads of different signature templates. Pick the one that’s best for you and edit it with all of your information and branding.

VIDEO – como adicionar link do Calendly

Now all you need to do is add some text to your email signature – like “Schedule a meeting with me”. Use this as anchor text to place your Calendly scheduling page link over.

To do this, you need to understand the different types of Calendly links you have available. These are:

  • Your landing page (displaying all of your active event types)
  • Your event scheduling page (the calendar scheduling page for specific events)

To share the right link, visit your landing page and select the meeting type. Then click “Copy link” and you will have a unique URL in your clipboard.

Add the scheduling link over your text in your email signature (you have the option to add interactive links when creating an HTML signature with Bybrand).

Where to get calendar icons?

You can get calendar icons and buttons from an icon library or use the official images available on Calendly.

See also: How to add an icon in an email signature.

Paste the signature

Now you just need to save the signature and add it to your email platform.

Each time you send out an email, recipients will be able to click on the Calendly link and schedule an appointment at their convenience.

Signature templates are an optional way to make it easy to create an email signature. With some know-how and a few steps, you can easily design your unique signature template with a Calendly link. Here are some good models:

The first example is with an icon and linked Schedule text.

Email signature with icon and linked Schedule text.

The second example is with a text link and two Emojis at the end.

Email signature a text link and two Emojis

In the third example, you can see a schedule button.

Email signature with a schedule button.

The fourth and final example is an icon with a CTA link to the schedule page.

Email signature example com icon and link with Calendly.

Final thoughts

Calendly links remove the headaches that back-and-forth email threads cause when trying to set up a meeting. They let you promote important meetings, and they can enhance your recipient’s experience with you or your brand.

If you need to schedule meetings, then adding a Calendly link to your signature is one of the best ways to do it.

Calendly sends appointments to your calendar and schedules it all for you – saving plenty of time and effort. So if you want to improve how you manage your time, this is a great solution.

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