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Sync data – remove if not found

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This feature described below will remove employees from the department if the user is not found in the Google Workspace Users Directory.

Typically, you will want to remove an employee if they no longer exist in your organization. For example, you removed the user in the Google Workspace Users Directory. So this option will do that for you. Note that this will not remove if the user is only suspended in Workspace; you need to remove them from your Google Workspace organization.

Also, read the remarks at the end.

Remove if not found

You can find this option under Departments. Then, click on a department that is integrated with G Suite (Google Workspace), and then click on the Employees menu. Next, choose the More option and Sync data.

Google Workspace sync data

Load the list of users related to a domain. Then you will see the option to Remove employees if not found.

Google Workspace removeif not found

This option is super useful for removing many employees when syncing data between Bybrand and the Google Workspace Users Directory. Therefore, to remove a few, let’s say 2 or 3 employees, it is better to do the manual removal in the department.

Here’s a video with a quick example of manually removing an employee.


Does not work for suspended users

If the user is suspended in Google Users Directory, it is still loaded in Bybrand. So this feature removes employees if the user is deleted completely.

Removed by mistake

If the user is removed by mistake, you can re-add them by going to the More menu and selecting the Add employees option.

Updated on 9 de February de 2022
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