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How to add a best regards field

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In this quick tutorial, we will see the steps on how to add a best regards field to your email signature – with video support in the end.

The tutorial is for the “best regards” field. However, you can add any element in the header area, such as text, icons, or images.

The final result will be like this example:

Best regards field to the email signature
“Best regards area” is marked with the yellow arrow.

Adding the best regards field

First, select to edit the email signature using the Bybrand editor.

Then, click the Add options button, and choose the custom area option. We will click on the Header Area item to add an extra area at the top for this tutorial.

See the example:

Adding the best regards field

The area is added with default content.


The next step is to customize the content. We will change the text to “Best regards!” and add a dashed line to mark the beginning of the email signature.

The final result you saw in the first image.

Removing the custom area

Removing is easier than adding. Click on the corner of the area until you create a selection. Then, click on the editor’s trash can icon.

See the example:

Removing additional area.
Removing the “Best regards” field on the yellow arrow.

The field will be removed.

Video tutorial

As promised, see the full video of all the steps above.

Updated on 26 de January de 2023

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