The forgotten marketing effort

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Listening to the voice of experience: Email marketing is the most efficient channel of all others, comparing with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Far from entering comparative apples with oranges, both methods are very affordable for small businesses and tight budgets.

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing available today.

Neil Patel in The Psychology Behind a Perfectly Formatted Email Newsletter

If well done, in addition to being cheap, email marketing works.

When you consider the time, effort, cost, return on investment and all other factors that take into consideration a marketing channel, email is at the top.

Neil Patel

I’m not here to write about email marketing, which I suppose you already know enough, probably even more than I do. But have you ever tried marketing using your company’s email signature?

If your goal is to learn and evaluate new solutions out there, Bybrand Campaigns is a good start.

When you are responsible for a company, or teams like sales or marketing, you may want to consider any software that adds value, especially when you find tools that help you reach your business goals.

Email signature marketing

By default, email signing is already a simple way to advertise you professionally or your business, spontaneously, to every sent email message.

Although always at the end, people are by nature curious and seek to know more about who sent the message.

We usually enter the website, phone, logo and business address. But advertise a product or service in the email signature, few do yet. This small space at the end of the message can be a good opportunity to spread something big with little effort.

Email signature in campaings

Some signatures campaign ideas that we can have:

  • A product or service launch;
  • Download an eBook;
  • Potentiate visits on the site, with a banner;
  • Increase sales of an item that is down;
  • Announcement of open job vacancies;
  • A discount or coupon;
  • Report an event, show.
  • And many more …

The forgotten marketing effort

Considering a small team with 10 collaborators, who use email daily, and sends 20 messages on average. You have 200 sent messages per day.

Using the potential of these 200 messages for days or 4K /months to spread an idea from the list above can be a good marketing channel. We have already written about this in the launch of Bybrand Campaigns (feature removed in 2021).

Having a banners ads solution in an email signature is not a big challenge, alias could do this by Microsoft Outlook, with a beautiful standardized image. Things start to get bad, to the point where you need to change everyone’s ad from your team. Imagine making changes to an ad for 10, 20, or 80 contributors.

Bybrand enables the ad exchange process to be painless, with automatic updating on all signatures, gaining free hours to work on other spots.

Here is an example, a company that uses the potential of email signatures from all employees to increase sales.

Our travel agency

Follow our fictional travel agency, which uses email to communicate with clients.

BViagens has a focus on the cruise segment and has partnerships with major companies such as Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises. Michelle is responsible for marketing and customer acquisition in BViagens.

Michelle and BViagens get along very well with emails, to close deals, and ask questions from customers. She had an idea of ​​engaging all employees in publicizing the company’s products using email and saw in the Bybrand Campaigns as the perfect tool.

She knows that everyone in the company works together toward a common goal, which is to sell more, always. The directors will not object to this.

With winter approaching, sales of new travel packages to the North of the country, where it is warmer, plummets. And now she has a new strategy for traveling to the South, cooler and more charming.

She will use Bybrand Campaigns, to announce the new package of cruises to the South Coast of the country. And all the messages sent from the employees (their co-workers) to publicize the campaign for her, in the email signature of each one.

Now, all BViagens employees have a standardized signature, and they spread the company’s promotions together. Helping increase site visits, sales, and phone calls. Everyone is producing more, spontaneously and happily.

Coming soon, Michelle tracks the performance with daily view statistics.

The truth is, the sales world is moving faster than anyone can keep up with. There is only one thing right, if you are using the same tools a few years ago, it will be behind in near time.

Is the current method sustainable in 5 years from now? Put all the eggs in one basket? Diversify, evaluate new channels?

Where does your company most use email?

Out of the field of email marketing, for what purposes is corporate email more used in your business?

If you think, a business email is well used to deal with customers, in areas related to supporting and doubts about the products that the company offers. Communication with suppliers and partners comes down below. Third, in the usage index, comes questions and questions from potential customers, such as those who visit the site for the first time.

This can be a reality in most companies, with few variations.

For example, here at Bybrand, we use email as the main support channel, so we send a lot of messages.

You may even question: “In my company, we use Snapchat more, it’s cool”, “our communication is done by the intranet”, “we use a group chat like Slack. “Or” we do not even send emails “.

All the considerations are valid, but in communication between companies, we are far from finding a substitute for email.

All businesses work and need email, simply because it has low cost and with free technology, is not connected to any private company, as in the case of other means such as Snapchat and Slack.

Lastly, engaging company employees in marketing can be a great path to diversification. There are many alternative marketing options to leverage sales, and Bybrand Campaigns is one of these.