Product Update May 2019: Multiple Domains For G Suite, Gmail And More

Product update may 2019

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What’s new in Bybrand this month: G Suite integration supports multiple domains; you can now also add secondary email accounts in Gmail integration; new terminology for the description of plans; corrected CSV import error in Departments;

What’s new

G Suite integration supports multiple domains

This month we added support for various domain in the integration with G Suite, Google’s office suite, which includes the email, which is where Bybrand works. From now on, an administrator can register all of his subdomains in the organization, and of course, the principal.

The improvement was a constant request from customers and now is complete. Thank you to everyone who has sent you feedback.

Gmail integration supports multiple accounts

Gmail was our first integration, and this is the first time we’ve improved it. We’ve made a significant upgrade to the integration; now, it’s possible to add more than one personal account. Gmail is the world’s leading email service, and in many cases, a professional uses more than one account on the same platform.

Now you can add all your accounts, be it personal or professional, and update your email signature with just one click.

Unfortunately, an existing Gmail connection with the Bybrand needs to be revoked. You can do this in Google account – Security – Third-party apps with account access.

The new plans description

At the beginning of the month, we communicated the change of the Bybrand Premium plans; this time, we changed the terminology, to Pro (Professional) and Business. On the price page, we also reduced to only two main plans to improve the look.

Fixed import CSV file into departments

An error discovered when importing CSV files from employees into departments, in which case the file created on a Macintosh. The method had difficulty reading line breaks and presented. The situation has corrected.

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