9 Email signature marketing strategies you should be using

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Email has always been one of the most valuable marketing channels for any kind of organization. Well, you can take your email campaigns to a whole new level by using email signature marketing.

Using your signature for marketing purposes can help you spread your brand and grow your business without too much effort. Optimizing your email banner for marketing is also great because it allows you to run marketing promotions each time you send an email to anyone.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best ways that you can use your email signature for marketing your business.

What is email signature marketing?

Email signature marketing is the process of using your email signature to promote your business, products, or services. Beyond displaying your brand logo and spreading brand awareness, email signature marketing campaigns can be used to distribute content or push a CTA.

There is a lot that you can include in an email signature – including adding hyperlinks, banners, and interactive elements. This gives you a great opportunity to incorporate your marketing campaigns.

The other brilliant thing about using your email signature banner for marketing is that it’s very low effort. Once you add your email signature, you can send out promotional banners to all of your email recipients without even thinking about it.

For example, you can calculate how many employees work directly with email daily at the company and multiply it by the average daily or weekly sends.

These kinds of email marketing campaigns are super easy to run and they can result in an impressive ROI.

With signature marketing, you can limit the tracking links in your email to your signature only. Then you can use Google Analytics to measure your campaign’s ROI without overwhelming the user with links.

9 Ways to use email signature marketing

Here are some of the best marketing strategies and ideas that you can apply to your email signatures.

Brand awareness campaigns

First of all, you can use your email signature to spread brand awareness and promote your brand. This is effortless, as you don’t need to change your banner campaigns all the time. Simply create a nicely branded banner with your email signature marketing software. You can then apply it to your employees’ signatures and use it in your own email signature as well.

Example of signature for real estate agent.
Example of signature for real estate agent.

Now, each time you send out an email, you’re promoting your brand. You could add things like your contact details, corporate branding, and a snippet of what your business is about. This is an excellent way for boosting brand awareness and recognition amongst your prospects, contacts, and existing customers with minimal effort.

Signature example with a Capterra snippet.
Signature example with a Capterra snippet.

Your signature can also help your email recipients to get in contact with you and engage with your brand in a new way. For example, adding additional contact details, or your business address, to email signature banners could make it easier or more inviting for people to contact your brand.

Promote your recent blog posts

Another effective email signature marketing strategy is to use your signature to promote your content. For example, you can add a link to the most recent blog post in your email banner. It’s an easy way to distribute your best content to more people.

This idea also applies to any other content your brand publishes, like YouTube videos, podcasts, or anything else. As long as you are putting top-notch digital content out there, using an email signature marketing campaign to distribute it can help you gain a lot more traffic.

Increase social media followers and engagement

Many email signatures include social media icons. You can easily add these to your email signature management platform to help you ramp up social media engagement.

Simply adding your social icons can help you get your email recipients to follow you on each channel and engage with the content that you share.

Signature example with social media icons.
Signature example with social media icons.

If your email marketing efforts share interesting information and offer your audience value, then there’s a good chance people will click on your social media links wanting to see more.

Share events

Email signature advertising presents a perfect opportunity to share upcoming events and increase attendance.

If you run online events, like webinars, then include a link to your registration page in your promotional banner. This way, all of your business communication could help you to pick up more attendance.

Signature with a podcast banner.
Signature with a podcast banner.

If you run a regular series of events, then this tactic is ideal. You can simply update your signature manager with the new event link as you go.

Lead generation

Yes, you can even use email signature marketing to generate quality leads for your business. This is possible by adding some kind of lead capture form or element into your email signatures. It could be to a webinar registration page (as mentioned above), a lead capture landing page, an eBook or gated content, and more.

If you send cold emails, then you could use this to generate leads effectively. If your entire company includes a lead generation form in their email signature banners, the possibility for lead generation increases massively.

Book more sales meetings

Your sales team can also use their email signatures to get on a call with more interested prospects.

Simply include a “book a demo” button in your email signature. This can help sales departments get more people on the line, without having to spend too much time hunting down prospects.

Book more sales meetings
Book more sales meetings.

See also: Email signature templates for sales.

Easily schedule appointments

Another way to improve your email signature marketing efforts is to use your email banner to schedule appointments. Adding a booking button can help you manage your calendar and get more people interacting with your business.

Email signature template with schedule appointment link.
Email signature template with schedule appointment link.

Like the previous example, this can include booking demos. However, you could use it for any other kind of meeting that is important to your marketing team.

Gaining feedback

Honest customer feedback can be incredibly valuable to any marketing department. Your email signature is an excellent place to generate this feedback.

This can be done through interactive email banners that ask customers about their experiences. It could be through something like a star rating or a short feedback questionnaire.

You can implement this through an interactive element inside the email or you could say something like “we value your feedback” and send users to a feedback landing page if they click on it.

Beyond the insights of customer feedback, you could also use this to generate social proof. This is possible by asking for reviews, which you could use for various other online marketing efforts.

Run referral campaigns

Referral campaigns are one of the most powerful marketing strategies, and email signatures are a perfect place to promote them.

Referral marketing happens when you ask your audience to share an element of your business (like a specific promotion) with their friends for an incentive (like a discount). Their friends then also share the promotion, and so your reach continues to increase. Soon, your brand is spreading like wildfire.

Here is a real-life email signature example we use at Bybrand to encourage customers to write a review on Capterra.

Bybrand email signature template with Capterra banner
Email signature with Capterra banner

Simply include your referral campaign in your email signature manager and highlight the value, or incentive, behind it. Each time you email your target audience, it might help you gain some referrals.


A good email signature can do wonders for growing your business. Each time you send a message to a business contact, prospect, a friend, or even a colleague, it’s an opportunity to improve your marketing efforts. There’s a lot you can do with your email signature, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Using the right email signature software can help you easily create and update your signature, letting you promote all kinds of areas of your business when you need to. This can turn something that is often overlooked into a whole marketing channel of its own.

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