Professional email signatures: examples for artists

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A professional email signature is a compelling tool if you use the email daily. While it’s a common strategy in many corporate sectors, artists across various fields – musicians, painters, writers, dancers, filmmakers – can also leverage this tool to create a unique identity and promote their work.

This comprehensive guide will delve into various aspects of creating an email signature for artists, and how a platform like Bybrand can assist in the process.

What is an email signature?

Briefly, an email signature refers to a block of text that is inserted after an email message. It typically comprises the sender’s contact information, job title, social media links, and other pertinent information.

For artists, it can serve as a personal branding tool, allowing them to showcase their work, promote upcoming events, or direct recipients to their online portfolios.

Email signature example for a tattoo artist with a banner.

Tattoo artist email signature example.
Tattoo artist email signature example.

Why artists need a professional email signature

A professional email signature is a must-have for artists for several reasons.

Brand presence

An email signature helps artists establish a brand presence. It provides a platform to showcase their unique style and creativity, which can differentiate them from other artists in their field.

Promotion of work

An email signature can serve as a mini-advertisement for an artist’s work. By including a link to their portfolio, artists can easily direct recipients to view their latest creations or upcoming performances.


Having a well-designed email signature conveys professionalism. It proves that the artist is serious about their craft and maintains a level of professionalism in all their interactions.

Easy contact

An email signature provides an easy way for recipients to contact the artist. By including their phone number, email address, and social media links, artists ensure that potential clients, collaborators, or fans can easily get in touch.

Essential elements of an artist’s HTML signature

Creating an effective email signature for artists requires including certain essential elements:

  • Name or stage name: Use the name or the stage name you are known by in your professional circles.
  • Job title or profession: Specify your field of artistry – whether you’re a painter, musician, dancer, writer, or filmmaker, among others.
  • Contact information: Include your email address and phone number for easy contact. Including a physical address is optional and depends on the nature of your work.
  • Social media links or icons: Link to your professional social media profiles where you showcase your last projects.
  • Portfolio link|site: This could be a link to your website or an online platform where you display your work.
  • Profile picture or logo: A high-quality profile picture or logo enhances the visual appeal of your email signature and aids in personal branding.
  • Banner or Call-to-Action: Including a banner promoting an upcoming event, exhibition, performance, or a call to action directing the recipient to a specific task can be a powerful marketing strategy.

Email signature examples for artists and opportunities

Email signatures offer numerous opportunities for artists across different fields.

And with Bybrand, it’s a complete tool that streamlines the creation and management of email signatures, you have different methods of creating an artistic email signature. The pre-created templates option is the most used.

Below are some examples of artist email signatures created using Bybrand:

Writers: can use their email signature to promote their latest book, blog post, or articles.

Freelancer writer email signature example.

Filmmakers: can use their email signature to promote their latest film or documentary.

Filmmaker email signature template with profile photo.

Painters: can promote their new paintings and present the date of the next exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) using a banner.

Basic painter email signature example.

Tattoo artist: You can simply present the studio address and opening hours.

Tattoo artist email signature idea.

Other examples:

  • Performers: (performers use their bodies and voices to tell stories, entertain audiences, and convey emotions. Some examples of famous performers include actors, dancers, singers, and comedians.) Can include a banner in their email signature to advertise upcoming performances or shows.
  • Dancers: can link to a recent dance video or an upcoming dance workshop.
  • Musicians: can promote their new music album or an upcoming concert.


In conclusion, a well-crafted email signature is a powerful tool for artists. It not only adds a touch of professionalism to your emails but also serves as a marketing platform to promote your work, events, and connect with your audience.

By using a tool like Bybrand, artists can create attractive and effective email signatures that resonate with their artistic persona and cater to their specific needs.

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