Email signature marketing

Corporate communication using moderns email signatures is excellent for developing a solid brand image

Every day, dozens of email messages are exchanged between the collaborators and potential clients from your company. This is a robust tool to expand brand instantaneously.

Bybrand Campaigns
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Capture clients on each sent message

You can enjoy the potential of those messages to increase your audience.

Filled Promote essential means of contact, like phone number and address;

Filled Generate more views on your website and increase social media engagement;

Filled More phone calls;

Marketing of email signature
Marketing effort of the team

Marketing is a company-wide effort

It is a false truth to think that in one company, marketing must be done only with marketing team using traditional methods.

Every time someone receives an email from your company, this person is experiencing your brand.

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Marketing campaigns engaging all collaborators

Bybrand Campaigns help you do promotions, events, and discounts with little effort.

You can add banner ads at the bottom of email signatures and change the content of the image afterward without having to change the user email signature again.

How does it work?

See the full feature presentation.

Marketing campaigns in the email signature