Freshdesk Email Signature Manager

Support managers are looking for ways to standardize team email communication. The Bybrand integration with Freshdesk makes this easier.

The Integration provides a way to centralize email signature management for help desk agents.

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All email messages that you send by Freshdesk to your contacts and customers will have a rich email signature, to engage everyone in the marketing and branding of the company.

Good ideas to add to your email signature:

  • Company logo, or agent photo;
  • Links to the knowledge base;
  • Icons for other support channels, like phone, chat, and Facebook;
  • A product update announcement with Bybrand Campaigns;
  • And more... see in the final section of the page.
Freshdesk integration

Freshdesk Email Signature Manager

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About the Freshdesk

Freshdesk (a product of Freshworks Inc) is an intuitive, resource-rich and affordable customer support platform in the cloud.

The company's product suite is designed to increase collaboration and help teams connect and communicate better with their customers and co-workers.

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Bybrand for Freshdesk

It's not just about email signatures

How will we improve your business with email signatures?

Think fast about how many emails your business sends daily. You can get a lot more out of your team's email signatures. It is a simple and beautiful way to capture the attention of your audience.

  • Standardize the brand on all email messages sent;
  • Disclosure basic contact like phone, email, and website with a minimum of effort;
  • Clickable email signatures, you can target curious customers to the site or social pages;
  • Increase site visits and phone calls with clickable signatures;
  • Advertise promotions, events or a job vacancy with Bybrand Campaigns;
  • Engage your company's employees in marketing;
  • Branding to make your brand better known;
  • And a lot more... View all features

Modern email signature

Companies using Bybrand integrated with Freshdesk gain time in managing email signatures of the entire team.