Assets storage

Maybe there is no more frustrating thing today than a website that takes time to open. You know, a second site faster than the competitor, sells more.

What to think about your email signature

Signature slow, means, loss of opportunity!
If people do not like waiting for a slow site, imagine a signature, something spontaneously displayed.

Network Cloudfront

Globally distributed assets

All of your signature assets such as images and icons are served with Amazon Amazon CloudFront, a global content delivery service for 5 continents.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Bybrand Assets

More control over all the images that upload for the email signature.

Bybrand Assets allows you to change the content of the image without changing the URL of the link in the email signature.

Read Bybrand Assets presentation.

Bybrand Assets

You'll also like to know that we have features to deal with images


Signatures storage

We will securely store your signature data, primarily remote assets such as icons and images.

Galeria imagens

Image gallery

One account, all images. Your images included in the site or edited are stored for future reference, or to insert into other signature.

See a preview on Youtube

Icons stock

Icons stock

An extensive gallery of free social icons. Your signature goes where people are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

See a preview on Youtube

Requests with HTTPS

Requests with HTTPS

All images in the email signature are served with HTTPS, because it is easier to trust an address with "https://" certificate.

Crop / Resize

Crop / Resize image

Images make the signature fascinating, ideal size and cut will create highly engaging images in minutes. The editor will give you that.