The best tool for building and managing email signatures.

Bybrand is an email signature generator made for IT managers and marketing professionals. The idea is to save you time in managing your team’s email signatures while providing a solid marketing channel.

Everyone in the company works together, marketing does not have to be done only by marketing people, nor sales by salespeople. Bybrand is a way to engage employees in sales and marketing, using email signatures, to enhance the offering of business products and services.

The search for Mastery

Every business is a constant evolution, where the wheel never stops turning. We believe in a useful service that adds value to our customers.

How do we believe we can be the best?

  • No mooring, advertisement or referral link.
  • Easy to use, manage and modify.
  • Modern signatures for business and professionals.
  • Email signatures that sell.
  • Make your business noticed, with every message sent.
  • We will save you time in managing email signatures.
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