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Enable updating email signatures aliases in G Suite

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After the 2019 August update, Bybrand can now support updating email signature with aliases of G Suite users. That way, you can update the email signatures of the main account, as well as all Gmail aliases.

This extra configuration process is only needed if you wish to update the email signature of your user’s Gmail aliases.

Aliases emails are secondary email accounts of one user. You can read more about that on the support page of Google.

This is an example of the G Suite admin panel.

Aliases in G Suite Panel

Let’s go through a step-by-step process of how to activate the feature in the Bybrand integration.

This tutorial is complete alongside Ativating G Suite Integration, which is the basic process you need to go through. To activate aliases update in your account, you first need to read and activate G Suite integration.

Delegate authority throughout the domain

Assuming your integration is already active. You’ll need to update the delegation of the domain in the G Suite panel to allow Bybrand to update the aliases signatures of your users.

Google has a very strict security policy, this makes sure that the modification of all email signatures can only be done with an administrator authorization.

Visit the Security menu, then the Advanced settings submenu and Manage API Client Access. The complete process can be found in the main tutorial.

The direct link to the process can be this one:

Adding entries:

Add the number below to the Client Name field:


In the One or More API Scopes second field:


The last three entries are to receive permission to update email signatures in aliases. Make a copy of all of them, separating them with a comma and paste in the Manage API Client Access field area.

Your end result should look like this:

G Suite alias new records

If yours looks just like the image, it’s done.

Loading all account aliases

After updating the domain delegation, now you need to update all the aliases in Bybrand, as you can see in the image:

Update users alias intro Bybrand

If everything is right, the aliases count in your primary domain will probably change.

Updating email aliases signatures

New and important.

For the update of an alias email account to work, you need to add the email in the user account, as seen in the image below. If you only add the alias address in the G Suite panel and don’t link it to a Gmail account, the updating process will show an error.

Gmail settings

After finishing all of the processes, now we move onto the best part: updating the signatures. In the Bybrand paste signature area the alias email addresses will show up with a tag, as you can see in the example:

Updating alias email signature tag

A quick example about how to update a signature of an email alias.

Updating email signatures in Gmail alias

If you have any trouble with the process of activating Gmail signature updates, please get in touch with our Support team.

Updated on 21 de October de 2019

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