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Activating G Suite integration

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G Suite is a pack of Google applications (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and others), that are business-focused. All you need to improve your work on the computer, cellphone or tablet.

Bybrand has an email signature for G Suite, facilitating the creation, maintenance, and updates of the email signatures of all users from the organization.

In this quick tutorial, we’ll go through the three steps needed to activate G Suite integration, making the process of editing the email signatures way easier.

May 2019 Update
Bybrand now supports many domains of one organization. With this, you can add all of your subdomains and update the users’ signatures very easily.

August 2019 Update
Bybrand now supports updating email signature aliases (secondary). With this, you can change the email signature of the main account as well as all of the aliases accounts.

Activating Bybrand integrations

The first step is to activate integrations in the Bybrand panel.

For starters, you’ll need to make your way to the Integration Area and allow integration, informing the administrator email and the domain name of your G Suite account.

You can add other domains after that, in the case of your organization using more than one email account.

G Suite Integrations in Bybrand

This step is very important, you’ll only be able to modify email signatures of the users (@domain.com) if you are the administrator of the account.

Fill in your information and Save.

Delegating authority throughout the domain

The first step above was very simple, so you’ll need to pay more attention to this second one. You’ll need to allow your administrator account to make modifications to all of the other accounts.

Google has a very strict policy that makes sure that the email signatures of all the members of the team can only be modified bu an administrator.

Google calls this process “delegating authority throughout all of the domain of a service account”. More details are found directly on their Page.

Let’s go through this process together.

  1. Go to the Admin Console in the G Suite domain.
  2. Select Security in the control list. If you cannot see the option Security, select More Controls in the gray bar in the lower part of the page and then select Security in the control list. If you cannot see the controls, make sure you are connected as the domain administrator.
  3. Select Show More and then Advanced Settings in the list of options.
  4. Select Manage API client access in the Authentication section.
Panel of G Suite

A direct link to these steps is:

This is the part where you should add scopes for Bybrand to gain access and be able to modify the email signatures of all users.

Look at the example image below, after you finish, your screen should be similar to this one.

G Suite API access

Adding entries:

In the Client Name field, add in this number:


In the One or More API Scopes field:


Note that there are three scopes and they need to be separated with a comma. Your screen should look like the example above after you allow it. Your application now has the authority to make API calls as users in your domain (to “impersonate” users).

Please contact support if you have any questions about this process.

Activating G Suite API

Before loading the email users list, you need to verify if the access API is active in your panel. With the APIs, you can create administrative tools personalized for Google products, which is Bybrand’s case.

To activate, please visit: Google Admin console – Security – API reference.
After that, click in more controls, as you can see in this Google tutorial.

G Suite API enable

Loading users list

Users are active email accounts in G Suite. If everything was correctly done, you’ll be able to load all emails of the organization.

Click on the button to update users in the integration part of Bybrand.

Load all users of G Suite

You’ll see the total number of accounts.

Updating email signatures of the accounts

Now we go to the best part. Choose an email signature and update it as a test. See if the signature was updated by sending a new message.

Bybrand does not automatically update, you’ll need to send the modifications again to a new user.

Here is a quick animation.

Updating email signature in G Suite

If you have any questions or difficulties during the process, please get in touch with us through chat.

Removing the integration

At any moment, you can remove the G Suite integration through Bybrand and also through your administrator account, deleting the process from step two.

Updated on 8 de October de 2019

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