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Activating Freshdesk integration

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Freshdesk is a helpdesk solution that is not only economic and powerful but also offers personalized solutions for companies around the world. They support many channels, and email is one of them.

By activating Bybrand’s integration with Freshdesk, you’ll be able to manage the email signatures for the support agents. This way, your tickets sent to contacts and clients will have a richer email signature, helping with marketing and branding.

Does not work for Freshdesk Sprout
The API call only works if the agent has permission to assume the identity of a user.

Activating the integration

You can activate the integration with two quick steps

First, go to Freshdesk’s administrator area to get the API key.

  1. Login to your support account;
  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of your portal;
  3. Go to the profile settings page;
  4. Your API key will be available below the password section, at your right;

For more information, read this solution article from the support area of Freshdesk.

API key
You need to use the API key from the main user in Freshdesk, the same used to create the first account. If you use the key from a normal agent account, you’ll only be able to change the signature of that agent

Enable Freshdesk integration

The second step.

Now that you have the API key, go to Bybrand’s integration section and connect to Freshdesk.

Bybrand list of Integrations

After that, go to the Manage menu, as seen in the image below.

Freshdesk integration manager

Fill the fields of domain name and API key and save right after. After saving, you’ll see an option to load the agent list.

Load freshdesk agents list to Bybrand

If your information is correct, your support agents will appear in the list, right after clicking on “load agents”.

Done, the integration process is complete.

Now is time to update the signatures of the support agents. Please take a look at this animation to see how simple it is:

Freshdesk update email signature to support agent

Freshdesk integration is also available for the Department feature, to minimize time lost in managing email signatures of a team.

Working with placeholders

You can also use Placeholders in strategic fields, such as:

– {{ticket.agent.name}}
– {{ticket.agent.email}}
– {{ticket.company.name}}

Placeholders are available for use with Email Notifications, which are automatically sent to customers once enabled, Default Responses (which are manually entered in ticket responses) and preformatted response templates in their Automation.

Read more about – Understanding dynamic content and placeholders in the support area from Freshdesk.

Here’s a good example of an email signature with Placeholders.

Sample Email Signature for Freshdesk support agent

Done! If you have any questions or problems while activating the integration with Freshdesk, please get in touch with our support team.

Updated on 8 de April de 2020

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